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  • gt Specifier: Bark mulches
    Bark mulches
    gt Specifier
    Green-tech offers a range of bark mulches: economy range: Contract Bark Mulch, which measures 1-65mm; contract range: Spruce Ornamental Bark Mulch, which measures 5-35mm; deluxe range: Ornamental Bark Mulch, which measures...
  • Germinal Amenity: Floranid® Twin Permanent slow-release fertiliser
    Floranid® Twin Permanent slow-release fertiliser
    Germinal Amenity
    Floranid® Twin Permanent 16-7-15 (+2+TE) is a complete slow-release fertiliser with a broad field of use in turf, landscaping and horticulture. Floranid® Twin Permanent contains two unique components for controlled nitrogen...
  • Germinal Amenity: G1 Quick Start Extra pre-seeding granular fertiliser
    G1 Quick Start Extra pre-seeding granular fertiliser
    Germinal Amenity
    G2 Quick Start Extra has a higher nutrient content and is recommended for impoverished soil: high phosphate levels to instantly aid root growth and accelerate seedling establishment; high levels of potassium help strengthen...
  • DLF Seeds: Pro Fertiliser non-organic pre-seed fertiliser
    Pro Fertiliser non-organic pre-seed fertiliser
    DLF Seeds
    Available in granular blends of 6:9:6 or 10:15:10, Pro Fertiliser is used mainly in pre-seed situations (spring and autumn). It promotes a healthy and vigorous root system, and can be used as a spring dressing, on outfield...
  • Harrowden Turf: Norfolk premium topsoil
    Norfolk premium topsoil
    Harrowden Turf
    Analysis report from 14 July 2011 describes this soil as compliant with BS3882:2007. "from the soil examination and laboratory analysis, the sample is described as alkaline with fine to medium granualr straucture, The sample...
  • gt Specifier: Gt Amenity tree soil
    Gt Amenity tree soil
    gt Specifier
    Green-tree Amenity tree soil has been developed specifically as a load bearing, fertile medium for use under hard surfaces such as pavements and car parks, as well as roads and other hard surfaces where tree growth is...
  • DLF Seeds: Terra FSP hydroseeding mulch
    Terra FSP hydroseeding mulch
    DLF Seeds
    Terra FSP high performance green hydroseeding mulch promotes accelerated growth through a combination of seed protection and improved hydration for nourishment. Manufactured from recycled wood fibre and straw, Terra FSP is...
  • Harrowden Turf: NutriFusion lawn fertiliser
    NutriFusion lawn fertiliser
    Harrowden Turf
    Developed by IGST in association with Q lawns, NutriFusion lawn foods is an easy-to-apply granulated fertiliser, which can improve soil condition and provide a lawn with all the nutrients it requires to keep it healthy all...
  • gt Specifier: Green-tree topsoil
    Green-tree topsoil
    gt Specifier
    Green-tree topsoil has a consistently high quality and is designed for the landscaping and construction market. It is a manufactured topsoil comprising green compost and silica sand. The mix has a high organic content and...
  • Germinal Amenity: G7 Fine Turf Winter Defence mini granular fertiliser
    G7 Fine Turf Winter Defence mini granular fertiliser
    Germinal Amenity
    The ideal fertiliser for applying to fine turf areas which have received intensive use during the summer months: high ratio of phosphate helps aid respiration and promotes root growth; mini granular formulation for easy...
  • Germinal Amenity: G3 Spring Kick spring/summer pre-seeding fertiliser
    G3 Spring Kick spring/summer pre-seeding fertiliser
    Germinal Amenity
    G3 is a high nitrogen feed to stimulate strong vigorous growth throughout the spring and summer: instantly available nitrogen for rapid growth effect; perfect for kick starting amenity areas in the spring; granule size:...
  • DLF Seeds: GroWeb hydroseeding mulch
    GroWeb hydroseeding mulch
    DLF Seeds
    GroWeb hydroseeding mulch contains a blend of natural fibres that are used to protect and nurture the seed. The fibres knit together when mixed with water, tackifier and fertiliser. Once sprayed onto the surface of the site...
  • gt Specifier: PAS100 compost
    PAS100 compost
    gt Specifier
    PAS 100 is a high-quality range of compost and topsoil derived from surplus garden trimmings and local authority recycling contracts. It is suitable for a wide range of uses, including landscaping public parks and gardens,...
  • Germinal Amenity: Floranid® N31 fertiliser 31-0-0
    Floranid® N31 fertiliser 31-0-0
    Germinal Amenity
    Floranid® N32 is a high quality nitrogen only fertiliser with Isodur slow release nitrogen. It is suitable for use on sports pitches, fairways, tees, and lawns. It can be used on sports pitches in early spring to gain...
  • Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control: Mulchmat Type 10
    Mulchmat Type 10
    Greenfix Soil Stabilisation & Erosion Control
    Where landscape planting is required, particularly on slopes, Greenfix Mulchmats provide mulching, moisture control, non-chemical weed control, soil erosion protection and soil temperature balance in one single operation.
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