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Ketley Brick Company

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Ketley was founded over 100 years ago and forms part of the Hinton Perry & Davenhill family business, which began making Dreadnought Clay Roof Tiles in 1805. Only clay bricks, clay pavers and clay roof tiles are manufactured by Ketley and Dreadnought. This focus and depth of experience is unique and enables them to tackle the most demanding... Read more
  • Ketley Brick Company: 200,000+ blue clay pavers for 'Wembley Way', London
    Ketley Brick Company: Blue pavers and specials for pedestrian area and bridge
    Ketley Brick Company: Staffordshire clay pavers and tactile paving - Tonbridge
    Ketley Brick Company: Staffordshire clay pavers for Manchester Jewish Museum
    Ketley Brick Company: Staffordshire Blue square and chamfered clay pavers
    Ketley Brick Company: Staffordshire Brown Brindle clay pavers

    Ketley Brick Company

    Clay pavers

    Manufactures Ketley Staffordshire blue, red and brown brindle, plain, chequered and panelled pavers for both flexible and rigid pavements. Pavers are available 50 or 65mm thick with a choice of surface patterns. Also offers a comprehensive range of paver fittings, as well as engineering and facing bricks....
  • Ketley Brick Company: Clay paver drainage units

    Ketley Brick Company

    Channel drainage

  • Ketley Brick Company: Deterrent clay pavers

    Ketley Brick Company

    Deterrent paving

    Typically used to deter use by pedestrians, bicycles or vehicle over-run. Clay deterrent pavers and standard pavers are often laid in alternative rows....
  • Ketley Brick Company: Staffordshire clay quarry tiles for Barbican Centre

    Ketley Brick Company

    Quarry tiles

    Ketley Quarry Tiles are produced in natural clay Staffordshire colours and 3 different sizes, a square, a paver size and a brick size...
  • Ketley Brick Company: Tactile clay blister pavers

    Ketley Brick Company

    Tactile paving

    Tactile clay pavers are designed to provide visually handicapped pedestrians with an easily detectable indicator underfoot....
  • Ketley Brick Company


    Offers a range of structural components including copings, cappings and creasing tiles to complement the companys range of bricks. Half-round copings and cappings, as well as saddleback copings and cappings are available in a variety of sizes to suit the application. Applications include supermarkets, industrial parks, dockland redevelopment and...
  • Ketley Brick Company

    Rumble strips

    Clay brick manufacturer offering bricks for the construction of traffic calming systems. Deterrent pavers have a sloping face to provide an uneven surface, deterring use by pedestrians, bicycles or vehicle over-run. They can be laid in alternative rows alongside standard pavers....
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    Brierley Hill
    DY5 4TH
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