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  • Amberol: Half Barrier self-watering plant baskets
    Half Barrier self-watering plant baskets
    Half Barrier baskets can be used for railings, ledges, building frontages and flat rooftops. They have double walled construction that keeps plants cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. An integral water reservoir...
  • Streetlife: Rough&Ready Circular Tree Isles
    Rough&Ready Circular Tree Isles
    The Circular Tree Isles from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection are CorTen tree edgings with integrated border seats. The FSC hardwood border seat comprises R&R beams (7x15 cm), which are beautifully integrated with the...
  • Streetlife: Conical Tree Tubs
    Conical Tree Tubs
    The Conical Tree Tubs from the Streetlife Tree Products Collection have a warm appearance afforded by the CorTen steel. Ideal for realising large, mobile trees on multifunctional squares. Optionally, they can be finished in...
  • WoodBlocX: WoodBlocX™  The Laggan Planter
    WoodBlocX™ The Laggan Planter
    The Laggan Planter is part of the WoodBlocX Street Furniture Range. A large bed perfect for any public space: 3000 x 3000 x 550 mm; various size options available on request. q50 Site/street furniture/equipment...
  • Livingreen Design: Bill Tree Planters
    Bill Tree Planters
    Livingreen Design
    Livingreen Design offers the largest and most varied selection of off the shelf tree planters available anywhere. We classify a tree planter as at least 90cm by 90cm and capable of taking at least a 3m specimen. All are...
  • URBASTYLE®: Coast planter
    Coast planter
    The Coast planter is manufactured from cast stone. as an option there can be built a fountain element in it. Size & Weight: 1750/1750/950-1300mm - 4320kg Anchoring: Free-standing Finishing: micro etched; polished; velvet.
  • Marshalls - street furniture: Rendezvous planter
    Rendezvous planter
    Marshalls - street furniture
    The Rendezvous Timber planter features timber panels comprise overlapping wooden slats, held together with supports on the inside to give a clean finish. Each support has a stainless steel adjustable foot. The supports are...
  • All Urban: Lab23 Lid Planter
    Lab23 Lid Planter
    All Urban
    Fiber-reinforced composite material made of a polyester resin and marble powder particularly resistant to wear and to atmospheric agents. Scratches and accidental damages can also be easily repaired thanks to the appropriate...
  • Amberol: Octagonal self-watering plastic planter (OCT-0P)
    Octagonal self-watering plastic planter (OCT-0P)
    The Octagonal is a deep, classically shaped floor-standing planter that is ideal for shrubs and larger displays in open spaces: double walled construction keeps plants cool in summer and insulated in winter; integral water...
  • Livingreen Design: Ashaway Planters
    Ashaway Planters
    Livingreen Design
    Fire retardant Kubik planters featuring a high quality, simple to clean, stainless steel ashtray. A second ashtray can be fitted on request: suitable for both outdoor and interior planting solutions; ultra lightweight but as...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Barmouth Concrete Planter
    Barmouth Concrete Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    Manufactured from standard grey precast concrete with our acid etch finish. All our concrete products are sealed prior to dispatch. Comprising of 12 No. middle units and 4 No. corner units. Colours available: light Grey;...
  • Streetlife: Solid Podium Isles
    Solid Podium Isles
    Solid Podium Isles from the Streetlife's street furniture collection can be used to create seating isles in the city. A corten steel base structure supports sizeable FSC hardwood solid slats (7x7cm) with a maximum length of...
  • Pot Company: Taman Collar Jar GFRC extra large round planter
    Taman Collar Jar GFRC extra large round planter
    Pot Company
    Taman Collar Jar extra large planters are made from glass-fibre reinforced concrete (GFRC). They are heavyweight, durable and made using modern manufacturing techniques Product code: TM1034CI
  • KFS Enterprises: Puczynski 07-20-10 stainless steel planter
    Puczynski 07-20-10 stainless steel planter
    KFS Enterprises
    The Puczynski 07-20-10 stainless steel planter belongs to an extensive range of Puczynski contemporary street furniture. This stylish stainless steel circular planter can be manufactured to order practically in any size,...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Piramidal Planter
    Piramidal Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    Manufactured from Corten Steel with its timeless and distinctive rugged appearance coupled with its hard wearing characteristics making it an excellent choice for any environment. Mounted on a raised plinth. Also available...