Large outdoor planters for streets, parks, roof gardens, shopping centres, restaurants and public spaces on EXTERNAL WORKS. Find the best product for your project here.
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  • Chris Nangle Furniture: Type 7 heavy-duty hardwood rectangular planter
    Type 7 heavy-duty hardwood rectangular planter
    Chris Nangle Furniture
    Type 7 rectangular hardwood planters are made to last and complement any environment. Bespoke made in our Shropshire workshop, therefore available in any size and shape: available in a wide variety of timbers and finish...
  • Langley Design Street Furniture: Sheldon Timber Planter - SPL318
    Sheldon Timber Planter - SPL318
    Langley Design Street Furniture
    The Sheldon Planter Wall SPL318 is a timber walling system that can be used as a retaining wall or for large areas of planting. The planter is fully customised in its length, width and shape to each specific project...
  • Citysquared: Deville stainless steel and iroko hardwood planter
    Deville stainless steel and iroko hardwood planter
    The Deville high specification modern planter consists of a stainless steel frame with hardwood panels, and is ideal for schemes where quality, design and durability are key requirements. Includes a galvanised mild steel...
  • Branson Leisure: Softwood sleeper planters
    Softwood sleeper planters
    Branson Leisure
    Softwood sleeper planters are skilfully crafted from Eco-friendly treated railway sleepers. Branson Leisure can produce individual planters to any specification required using very attractive, brown finished sleeper sections...
  • URBASTYLE®: ROUND sectional cast stone planters
    ROUND sectional cast stone planters
    ROUND is a 4.00m external and 3.00m internal diameter circular planter produced in an attractive, micro-etched finish and available in four colour combinations. Supplied in 6 sections, the planter offers an understated way...
  • Cassidy Brothers: Shropshire large concrete planter
    Shropshire large concrete planter
    Cassidy Brothers
    Shropshire is a large concrete planter suitable for a variety of locations in the built environment. It has an exposed aggregate finish and is available in a range of colours and finishes: colours: CP White, AP Black;...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Southampton hexagonal concrete planters
    Southampton hexagonal concrete planters
    Neptune Street Furniture
    Transform a featureless area with these attractive Southampton hexagonal concrete planters. Whether grouped or placed singly, they bring a splash of colour with the changing seasons. Ideal for areas where permanent ground...
  • Street Design: Castleton elliptical timber and metal planter
    Castleton elliptical timber and metal planter
    Street Design
    The Castleton Versatile elliptical planter is suitable for a wide range of planter sizes and uses. It has a vertical, 95x45mm timber slatted design with tubular steel top capping. Can be specified any shape, plan size and...
  • eibe Play Ltd: Playo Mentha planting column
    Playo Mentha planting column
    eibe Play Ltd
    Set posts: SW Set cross-latches: SW Set holders for planting pots: flexible plastic Product code: 51013901100
  • WoodBlocX: Tulloch wooden tree planter
    Tulloch wooden tree planter
    The Tulloch timber tree planter, part of the WoodBlocX street furniture range, is capable of taking a 3000mm specimen: 750 x 750 x 750 mm; various size options available on request. q50 Site/street furniture/equipment...
  • Taylor Made Planters: Bodil polymer concrete planter with integrated seating
    Bodil polymer concrete planter with integrated seating
    Taylor Made Planters
    The Bodil planter is a simple yet elegant planter. Round in shape and with integrated seating, it works extremely well is busy public spaces in and around shopping centres. With the materials and manufacturing methods used,...
  • Neptune Street Furniture: Longford steel and hardwood planter
    Longford steel and hardwood planter
    Neptune Street Furniture
    The Longford planter is produced using a combination of a galvanised steel frame and spacers finished with 95 x 45mm Opepe hardwood. All woodwork is treated with an exterior grade base coat and two top coats achieving a...
  • URBASTYLE®: Recto cast stone planter
    Recto cast stone planter
    The Recto planter is manufactured from cast stone. Size & Weight: Recto 2010 - 200/100/100 cm - thickness 10cm - 1.690 kg Recto 1510 - 150/100/100 cm - thickness 10cm - 1.353 kg Recto 1575 - 150/75/75 cm - thickness 8cm -...
  • Street Design: Castleton versatile street planters
    Castleton versatile street planters
    Street Design
    Castleton is a standard curved planter that is suitable for a wide range of uses. It has a vertical 95x45mm timber slatted design with tubular steel or stainless steel top capping. Castleton planters can be specified in any...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Drawbell GRP Planter
    Drawbell GRP Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Drawbell Planter is an elegant shaped planter which equally suits a traditional or contemporary garden. Perfect to enhance an entrance on its own or as a pair and large enough to work as a feature pot in a small garden.