Civic signs are used to welcome visitors to cities, towns and villages. These boundary or gateway signs have an aesthetic design and typically feature an emblem or coat of arms appropriate to that location. Read More

Entrance signs are used to highlight entryways at parks, playgrounds, estates and buildings. Street nameplates are also produced.

Signage can be customized to suit clients’ requirements. Graphics and lettering can be engraved, hand-painted or digitally printed onto the surface.

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Civic signs - helping you find the best solution for your project.

  • Trueform: Touch screen totem
    Touch screen totem
    The Ferrograph 40" TFT-LCD Touch Screen provides bus and train service information together with interactive journey planning and wayfinding information. Suitable for a variety of locations including transport interchanges;...
  • Trueform: LED timetable display
    LED timetable display
    The Ferrograph LED timetable display is designed to replace printed timetable information in public environments. It is compatible with the Trueform Elite post system and can be mounted to a range of bus stop posts using a...
  • Trueform: Smart city totems
    Smart city totems
    Smart digital totems create key technological connections between travellers and the city. They are an effective system for providing digital wayfinding information for commuters and pedestrians: create a sustainable and...
  • Trueform: 28 inch ultra wide TFT display
    28 inch ultra wide TFT display
    The 28” ultra wide TFT display presents transport information clearly and conveniently for waiting passengers. The screen is equipped with TFT-LCD panels with a 1000 cd/m2 brightness and has a 1920mm x 357mm ultra wide...
  • Shelley Signs: Park entrance signs
    Park entrance signs
    Shelley Signs
    Shelley Signs manufactures entrance signs for parks and playgrounds that are typically made from GRP with timber or steel frames / mounts. The company can work with graphic designers and clients who wish to supply their own...
  • Trueform: Bus interchange totem
    Bus interchange totem
    The bus interchange totem is a dual-sided, stylish TFT-LED totem ideally suited to busy urban locations requiring swift access to live journey planning information. Features include high quality architecturally detailed...
  • Shelley Signs: Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) school entrance signs
    Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) school entrance signs
    Shelley Signs
    Encapsulated GRP is ideal for school entrance signs as it is tough, robust, easy to clean and offers excellent colour fastness. GRP can also be shaped to produce shapes other than standard rectangles. These signs tend to be...
  • Trueform: TFT-LED bus information totem
    TFT-LED bus information totem
    The TFT bus information totem is a corporate totem designed to provide digital timetable and wayfinding information in a connected system. Developed in collaboration with LBSL’s Technical Services Group. It is 42” high...
  • Shelley Signs: Routed oak entrance signs
    Routed oak entrance signs
    Shelley Signs
    Shelley Signs produces routed oak sign panels with indented graphics. Different fonts, styles and post systems result in a wide range of possible signs in significantly different styles. Ideal for for entrance signage and...
  • Public Spaces: Cyria - Draiac totem signage
    Cyria - Draiac totem signage
    Public Spaces
    Powder-coated polyester totem sign with corten-effect finish, or Grey Cosmos powder coated polyester with a corten-effect finish, White Incognito, Golden Dust, Black Midnight, or Grey Cosmos Color RAL on request from 10...
  • Trueform: Countdown LED flag
    Countdown LED flag
    The LED Countdown Flag Bus Stop Display has been designed to display real time passenger information in outdoor public environments. It is compatible with the Elite range of bus stop posts but can be used with other post...
  • Woodscape: Hardwood timber civic signs
    Hardwood timber civic signs
    Woodscape outdoor signs, manufactured in Naturally Very Durable Hardwood, are offered in a range of standard designs or can be created to suit individual requirements. Routed lettering, diagrams or logos can be infilled in a...
  • Trueform: 3 line LED flag bus stop display
    3 line LED flag bus stop display
    The LED Flag bus stop display is a single sided matrix flag designed to display real time passenger information in outdoor public environments. It can be used as a smaller alternative to shelter mounted displays when space...
  • Greenbarnes: Civic signage
    Civic signage
    Greenbarnes standard civic signs can be customised to suit clients requirements. They are suitable for schools, churches, tourist attractions, town centres and streets. Signs can be made from timber, aluminium, brass, mild...
  • Tradstocks: Scottish Whinstone threshold signage for National Park
    Scottish Whinstone threshold signage for National Park
    Scottish whinstone from Tradstocks was used to create monolithic signage for the boundaries of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park in Scotland.
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Civic signs- helping you find the best companies for your project.