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Inclusive Play's vision is to design, develop and manufacture quality products that enable children - no matter what their ability - to play together. The company believes in the social model of disability. In other words, disability is a socially created problem and it is up to everyone to make the environmental changes necessary to allow for the... Read more
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    Outdoor musical instruments

    Creating music is one of the most powerful forms of development for children, helping language, problem solving and spatial awareness. Playing a tune is also lots of fun and very social! Owning and learnign to play an instrument can be very expensive, so free provision for exploring sound and music should not be underestimated!...
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    Play activity panels

    Play Panels are a great way of bringing sensory and inclusive play opportunities to any play space. Inclsuive Play offer a wide variety of panels including; microsphere for both sound and visual sensory play, Fun Reflections mirror, Colourfly to explore light and colour, 3-to-connect outdoor games and many more!...
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    Spring rockers

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