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Lumena Lights Ltd are a suppliers and stockists of high quality, outdoor lighting at affordable prices; based in Northamptonshire. Specialising in 12v garden lighting and outdoor lighting with integrated sensors such as a photocell (dusk to dawn) and PIR (motion sensor). Hundreds of fittings are available suitable for most applications, with... Read more
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    Floodlighting is often used for uplighting large trees, focal points, as wall washes or to illuminate signage. Lumena offer a number of Floodlghts, including those which accomodate halogen or CFL R7s, LED Par38 bulbs, those with integral LEDs and floodlights for more larger applications using metal halide bulbs. All 240v floodlights offered are...
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    Garden lighting

    Lumena Lights supplies specialises in 12v garden lighting such as: recessed decking lights; wall lights; brick lights; underwater lights; spike lights; spreadlights; hanging lights; post lights. Many products are available as 240 or 12v and are crafted from durable, stylish, materials such as copper, brass and marine grade stainless steel (316)...
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    Illuminated bollards

    Lumena offer the largest range of Photocell (Dusk to Dawn) and PIR (Motion Sensor) Bollard Lights. Made from 2.5mm thick aluminium and 3mm thick marine grade stainless steel, these bollards are designed to last, which shows with up to 7 year guarantees. All are compatible with LEDs, and some of which; the Ledifice and Stelled, are supplied...
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    Outdoor wall lights and bulkheads

    Lumena offer a number of outdoor wall lights in materials such as stainless steel, copper, anodised aluminium and solid brass, in both contemporary and traditional styles. Whether it is a focused spot light which is required, a standard coach light for an entrance, downlight, a bricklight or more decorative lighting effects, Lumena will have the...
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    Recessed ground lighting

    Recessed lighting can be used in many areas of the garden including: patios; decking; steps; in Walls; pathways; replacing Bricks. Lumena only use durable materials to create amazing recessed garden lights in natural copper, which will weather over time, solid brass with a rustic bronze finish, and stainless steel. All models, with the exception...
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    Road / street / amenity lighting

    As well as the huge number of bollard lights available (see illuminated bollards), Lumena also offer a number of traditional style lamp posts. Most have black frames (aluminium or cast iron) with either black heads / shades or copper shades - Traditional styles. The three types of lamp post available are: single; double; triple. Matching wall...
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