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Established over 45 years, Palmstead Nurseries Ltd occupies a 53 hectare site near Wye in Kent. The company is one of the largest growers in the South of England, with annual production in excess of 1m containers and 200,000 field grown trees and shrubs. It has a one-hectare glass propagation unit. Palmstead is a wholesale supplier focused on the... Read more
  • Palmstead Nurseries: Perennial plants
    Palmstead Nurseries: Hampton Court 2012 gold medal show garden
    Palmstead Nurseries: Shrubs and perennials, Huf House show garden
    Palmstead Nurseries: Shrubs and perennials – Positively Stoke-on-Trent garden
    Palmstead Nurseries: Hardy exotic plants

    Palmstead Nurseries


    Palmstead offers 500 varieties of container grown herbaceous plants. Standard stock is available in 1, 1.5, 2. 3, 4 and 5 litre containers. Some varieties of acanthus, agapantus, astilbe, gunnera, hosta, musa basjoo, salvia and sedum are available in 10 and 25 litre containers. Contract growing and sourcing services are available. An example of a...
  • Palmstead Nurseries: Container grown deciduous and evergreen shrubs
    Palmstead Nurseries: Specimen shrubs
    Palmstead Nurseries: Shrubs and planting, Battersea Park
    Palmstead Nurseries: Flower-rich perennial planting for London 2012 Olympics

    Palmstead Nurseries


    Palmstead offers over 350 varieties of deciduous and evergreen shrubs. Standard stock is available primarily in 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 litre containers. Specimen shrubs are available in container sizes from 10-110 litres, including over 150 varieties of deciduous shrubs and over 180 varieties of evergreen shrub. Contract growing and sourcing services...
  • Palmstead Nurseries: Trees for the landscape and amenity industry
    Palmstead Nurseries: St Leonards Gardens restoration and planting
    Palmstead Nurseries: Multi-stem trees

    Palmstead Nurseries


    Palmstead offers 180 deciduous varieties, available in sizes from transplants up to extra-heavy standard. Containers are generally between 3 and 35 litres, while some specimen trees are supplied in 100-200 litre containers. The 100 conifers and evergreens are mostly supplied root-balled, but are also available in 3-35 litre containers. Trees...
  • Palmstead Nurseries: Container-grown topiary
    Palmstead Nurseries: Topiary alternatives to buxus box

    Palmstead Nurseries


    Occupying a 53 hectare site, Palmstead Nurseries is able to supply 80 varieties of topiary, including acer, buxus, citrus, ilex, laurus, olea, pinus, taxus and trachelospermum. They are grown in containers from 3 litres up to more than 100 litres. Forms include arches, columns, cones, cubes, multiballs, pom-poms, pyramids, pleached trees and those...
  • Palmstead Nurseries: Unusual bulbs for spring

    Palmstead Nurseries


    Over 190 bulb varieties ranging from new and unusual cultivars to old favourites. Full list with pricing on Palmstead's website. Bulbs supplied in packs of 5 or more: Allium 'Hair' Allium PURPLE & WHITE MIX Allium 'White Cloud' Allium atropurpureum Allium christophii Allium neapolitanum Allium nigrum Allium oreophilum Allium sphaerocephalon...
  • Palmstead Nurseries

    Aquatic plants

    Palmstead Nurseries grows and supplies aquatic plants, including: butomus umbellatus (flowering rush or grass rush); hippuris vulgaris (common mare's tail); iris pseudacorus (yellow flag); juncus effusus (common rush); pontedeira cordata (pickerelweed); ranunculus flammula (lesser spearwort); and Ranunculus lingua 'Grandiflorus' (large-flowered...
  • Palmstead Nurseries


    Palmstead Nurseries' bamboo varieties include chusquea, fargesia, phyllostachys, pleioblastus and pseudosasa and sasa veitchii. They are typically grown in containers from 2 to 25 litres. Contract growing and sourcing services are available. Delivery is by Palmstead’s own transport; a cash and carry service is also offered. Go to Palmstead's...
  • Palmstead Nurseries

    Bedding plants

    Occupying a 53 hectare site, Palmstead Nurseries is able to supply bulbs and bedding plants, alpines, climbers and herbaceous plants, as well as a large range of ferns, grasses and bamboos. Topiary trees and aquatic plants are also available, along with deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs....
  • Palmstead Nurseries


    A range of over 70 climbers includes 30 clematis species and hybrids, as well as actinidia, akebia, ampelopsis, campsis, fallopia, hedera, humulus, hydrangea, jasminum, lonicera, parthenocissus, passiflora, rosa and wisteria. They are cultivated in regular, fan, frame or tripod forms, and are typically grown in 2, 3 or 10 litre containers...
  • Palmstead Nurseries


    Palmstead Nurseries’ range includes numerous types of fern, including asplenium, athyrium, cyrtomium, dicksonia, dryopteris, matteuccia, osmunda, polypodium and polystichum varieties. They are typically grown in 2 litre containers, and are delivered by Palmstead’s own transport. A cash and carry service is also available. Contract growing and...
  • Palmstead Nurseries


    Palmstead’s hedging and transplants include acer campestre, carpinus betulus, crataegus monogyna and fagus sylvatica species. Contract growing and sourcing services are available. Delivery is by Palmstead’s own transport; a cash and carry service is also offered. Go to Palmstead's website to view live stock availability....
  • Palmstead Nurseries

    Ornamental grasses

    Palmstead Nurseries’ range includes numerous types of grass, including anemanthele, astelia, calamagrostis, carex, cortaderia, deschampsia, festuca, glyceria, hakonechloa, imperata, juncus, libertia, liriope, milium, miscanthus, molinia, ophiopogon, pennisetum, phalaris, stipa and themeda varieties. Contract growing and sourcing services are...
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