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Practicality Brown Ltd (PBL) is an innovative, class-leading company, with divisions operating in the Landscape and Land Clearance Sectors. Established in 1981, Practicality Brown is an innovative, class-leading company, with divisions operating in the Landscape and Forestry Sectors. Work varys from the supply of large specimen trees and mature... Read more
  • Practicality Brown: Practical Instant Hedge™
    Practicality Brown: Green Beech instant hedge (Fagus sylvatica)
    Practicality Brown: Hornbeam Instant Hedge (Carpinus betulus)
    Practicality Brown: Native Mix hedge
    Practicality Brown: Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica Purpurea) hedge
    Practicality Brown: Elveden Instant Hedge™

    Practicality Brown


    Practicality Brown supplies a range of hedging products including: Eleveden Instant Hedge and Practical Instant Hedge. These are exclusively available from Practicality Brown and create an immediate impact in new developments. They are mature and flat-sided...
  • Practicality Brown: Tree and vegetation clearance
    Practicality Brown: Tree clearance for golf course – HS2 enabling works
    Practicality Brown: Tree clearance services; stump grinding; felling
    Practicality Brown: Tree and hedge clearance - £104m road enhancement scheme
    Practicality Brown: Sensitive tree & vegetation clearance works, A46 Newark

    Practicality Brown

    Green site clearance

    Practicality Brown are specialist contractors offering TREE AND VEGETATION CLEARANCE services such as tree moving and no-burn clearance. PBL Tree and Clearance offers a wide range of service to the forestry, utility and construction markets which include mechanised tree clearance; whole tree chipping; forest mulching; habitat mitigation; tree...
  • Practicality Brown: Screening trees
    Practicality Brown: Semi-mature trees
    Practicality Brown: Specimen trees
    Practicality Brown: Pleached trees
    Practicality Brown: Trees: Formed Arches

    Practicality Brown


    Practicality Brown Ltd have a comprehensive range of quality trees for sale, available in sizes from 18cm to 100cm girth, both evergreen and deciduous. Practicality Brown selects and tags the best quality specimen and semi mature trees each season for its customers, from over 400,000 trees in over 240 varieties from acer through to zelkova...
  • Practicality Brown: Transplanting large trees by crane into small gardens
    Practicality Brown: Tree moving, Buckinghamshire Golf Club
    Practicality Brown: Tree moving

    Practicality Brown


    Practicality Brown has a range of tree spade machines that can transplant trees up to 100cm in girth, including: 1.1m tree spade mounted on a compact loader for trees up to 100mm diameter/30cm girth. 1.6m truck mounted tree spade for trees up to 160mm diameter/50cm girth Larger trees can be moved according to species and soil types, speak to us...
  • Practicality Brown: Specimen topiary for focal points and structure

    Practicality Brown


    Practicality Brown can supply a range of topiary for decorative or screening purposes Topiary is the art of training plants (typically evergreen shrubs and trees) into intricate or stylized shapes and forms, which can be the culmination of years of work: there is a very wide variety of topiary with sizes offered to suit any requirement; shapes...
  • Practicality Brown


    Practicality Brown are able to offer a complete landscape service to many clients, including golf courses.. We have worked with many golf courses over our three decades of experience, using trees and hedges to enhance courses, create hazards and provide screening where necessary. Our wide range of services includes: Tree transplanting, with Tree...
  • Practicality Brown

    Landscaping and sports sands

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