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Bronzino® containers are hand-made by artisans from solid copper and zinc, for interior and external use. All of the designs are exclusive to Bronzino®, and have been created by the Scottish artist-designer Kenneth Topp. Bronzino® pieces are inspired by historic metalworking techniques, but are not reproductions of historic designs. Rather they... Read more
  • Bronzino®: Sylvan Single Ribbed Box copper planter
    Bronzino®: Sylvan Box planter
    Bronzino®: Sylvan Ribbed Vase copper planter
    Bronzino®: Sylvan ribbed copper planter
    Bronzino®: Myth Riveted Box copper planter
    Bronzino®: Myth Tall Riveted Column zinc planter


    Planters for terraces and patios

    Manufactures hand-made plant containers in solid copper and zinc, for use in gardens and external spaces as well as interiors. All of the products are exclusively designed by Bronzino®, and created by Scottish artist-designer Kenneth Topp. Each is inspired by historic metalworking techniques....
  • Bronzino®

    Tree planters

    Designs and manufactures handmade planters using materials like copper, zinc, brass and bronze for environments such as luxury hotels, private residences, clubs and stately gardens. Large tree planters have been commissioned....
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