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Splice Cast Ltd

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Splice Cast Ltd is a plastic injection moulding company based in the UK, specialising in plastic product development. The company develops innovative products to make growing and landscaping easier, including a wide range of engineered pegging solutions and tree protection products. Splice Cast also offers a quality range of plastic roofing... Read more
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    Erosion control mats and blankets

  • Splice Cast Ltd

    Footpath gravels and landscape aggregates

  • Splice Cast Ltd

    Mulch mats

    Splice Cast specialises in developing innovative products for landscapers and growers. The company has recently launched a revolutionary fixing peg which is designed to be quick to install, with its: unique barb design; sharp point; wide "squared-off" head; extra length. The Square-Peg™ is able to hold more fabric than standard pegs and is...
  • Splice Cast Ltd

    Tree guards

    Made of tough plastic, the Tree Guard protects trees from machinery contact & abrasion, which is a common cause of tree failure. With it's is a unique clip-together design, the Tree Guard can be adapted to any size of tree and expanded as the tree grows.With it's is a unique clip-together design, the Tree Guard can be adapted to any size of tree...
  • Splice Cast Ltd

    Tree shelters

    The Plant support ring is the ideal solution to support precious plants. Segments clip together to form a large hoop which contains and supports the leaves....
  • Splice Cast Ltd

    Tree ties

    Splice-Cast Super-soft Tree ties are a quick, convenient and cost effective way to secure trees. Manufactured in soft, flexible PVC, designed to stretch as the tree grows. Available in 4 lengths to suit saplings up to mature trees. A Super-soft tree tie is the ultimate way to secure a tree to a stake, as it gives maximum stretch and can be...
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