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Splash Gordon

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Splash Gordon, Established in 1995, offer a design and build service for water gardens, water features and natural swimming pools (swimming ponds).... Read more
  • Splash Gordon: Pond design and construction services
    Splash Gordon: Waterfall design and construction services
    Splash Gordon: Watercourse design and construction services
    Splash Gordon: Water feature construction services

    Splash Gordon

    Water engineering

  • Splash Gordon: Natural swimming pool design and construction services

    Splash Gordon

    Natural swimming pools

    Splash Gordon offer the very best in natural swimming pools, commonly known as swimming ponds. Partnering with Clear Water Revival allows the opportunity to use the patented Aquaviva method which was pioneered in Austria by aquatic scientists. Crystal clear water that is purefied by plants, specialist mineral soils and specialist filter media...
  • Splash Gordon

    Fountains and water features

    Splash Gordon provides design and construction services for natural water features. With a background in sculpture, the company offers site-specific design and construction services, creating features which appear to be completely naturally occurring. Features include streams, cascades, waterfalls, ponds, lakes and natural swimming ponds. Splash...
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    G63 0NR
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