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Proludic Play & Sports Areas

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  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Interactive play panels (J3450)
    Interactive play panels (J3450)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    With our Interative Play terminal children can choose between 3 different play activities that encourage movement, improving reflexes and stimulating memory: age suitability: 3+ years; no. of users: 2.
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Swing Ball play panel (J3508)
    Swing Ball play panel (J3508)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    A fun and dynamic way for children to test their problem solving skills: age suitability: 6+ years; no. of uses: 4.
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Talk Tubes play equipment (J3410)
    Talk Tubes play equipment (J3410)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    These inclusive talk tubes allow children to talk to each other across a play space and provide a fun way of communicating and learning: age suitability: 2+ years; no. of users: 2.