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Proludic Play & Sports Areas

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  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Speed Gyro roundabout (J2400)
    Speed Gyro roundabout (J2400)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    The Speed Gyro J2400 roundabout is suitable for children aged 3 to 10 years. The large diameter seating area allows several children to use it at the same time and gives enough space for parents to sit next to toddlers and...
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Roll-Up gravity spinner (J2591)
    Roll-Up gravity spinner (J2591)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    The Roll-Up gravity spinner relies on rotational force to get up to speed. It can accommodate multiple users from age 7 to 14 years. It requires a bit of skill to perfect the movement techniques that make it spin, which is...
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Inclusive roundabout (J2404)
    Inclusive roundabout (J2404)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    This playtime inclusive roundabout offers two users great back support while spinning. The low level access means children in wheelchairs can easily use it.
  • Proludic Play & Sports Areas: Ludic Express Train rotating play equipment (J3512)
    Ludic Express Train rotating play equipment (J3512)
    Proludic Play & Sports Areas
    Ludic Express Train from Proludic is a rotating product for playgrounds: age: 2+ years; number of users: up to 5; HCL: 0.5m; dimensions: 5.9 x 5.9 x 0.5m; installation space: 60.5m2; materials: see data sheet. role play;...