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Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd

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  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Custom and bespoke roundabouts
    Custom and bespoke roundabouts
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris manufactures custom and bespoke roundabouts - 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, and 2.5m. With our in house manufacturing we are able to make custom and bespoke roundabouts to the client's specifications. These custom...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.0m bench seat roundabout
    2.0m bench seat roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 2.0 m bench seat roundabout features 4 seats big enough to allow 8 junior children to sit on. Situated around the outside of the deck the deck still offers enough space for children to stand and spin or sit. For loose...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 1.5m 3-seat inclusive roundabout
    1.5m 3-seat inclusive roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 1.5m 3-seat Inclusive roundabout is Massey & Harris' smallest seated roundabout with all the strength and durability of the larger versions. The three curved seats offer plenty of handrails for young children to hold...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Wheelchair-accessible roundabout
    Wheelchair-accessible roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Wheelchair-accessible roundabouts are designed for maximum safety. Durable and smooth rotating mechanism enables the standing platform to sit flush to the ground. Designed to allow wheelchairs and 3 additional seats with...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.5m Giant Spinning Disk
    2.5m Giant Spinning Disk
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    This popular large disk is designed to challenge children from the age of 8 upwards. The 2.5m Giant Spinning Disk provides balancing, co-ordination, timing and running activities. The Spinning Disk spins whilst set at an...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.0m 6-seat roundabout
    2.0m 6-seat roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 6-seat roundabout is 2.0m in diameter. The bearing mechanism allows the roundabout to spin even a low speeds. Other deck options are available, but this allows 6 young children to play together safely and the back to...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.0m diameter junior roundabout
    2.0m diameter junior roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 2.0m diameter junior roundabout features a small central seat with plenty of room on the main deck for older children to stand and push. Heavyweight spindle / bearing unit which requires minimal maintenance: expertly...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 1.8m roundabout
    1.8m roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    There are a number of options for the 1.8m seated roundabout. There are the footprints seats as shown in the picture or the three seat arrangement of the 1.5m Roundabout can also be requested. The final option is to have...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Overhead spinner
    Overhead spinner
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Overhead Spinner for 8 years and up: stainless steel spinning wheel; great social and upper body strength play value; heavyweight bearing assembly; optional heights; heavyweight centre post; single point installation; all...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Medway rotator
    Medway rotator
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The Medway rotator is a large spinner for 8 years and up. The unit spins, twirls and rises as it rotates. It offers something different and daring which older children love. The main beam rotates starting at about 300mm off...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.2m wheelchair roundabout
    2.2m wheelchair roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 2.2m wheelchair roundabout enables wheelchair users to experience the spinning sensation of a playground roundabout. With a large 2.2m-diameter floor, the wheelchair roundabout has a large space for up to 3 wheelchair...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Tulip Spinning Disc - spinner for outdoor play, ages 3+
    Tulip Spinning Disc - spinner for outdoor play, ages 3+
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The Tulip Spinning Disc is a traditional spinner play item with a modern design. Shaped to look like a tulip, it allows children to sit inside and be spun round. There are two grab rails which children can hold to build...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Timber Barrel Roundabout for accessible play
    Timber Barrel Roundabout for accessible play
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The Timber Barrel Roundabout was originally a bespoke design from Massey and Harris that proved so popular with users and generated so much interest that the company decided to add it to its standard product range. The...