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Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd

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  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Straight-beam seesaw
    Straight-beam seesaw
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Straight-beam seesaws are a robust and simple piece of play equipment that are normally supplied assembled for easy single point installation. Available in standard RAL colour combinations: non bump, straight beam design;...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Funtasia 2 pedestal play towers
    Funtasia 2 pedestal play towers
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Funtasia 2 pedestal play towers are designed to provide maximum choice and flexibility for the playground space available. Units combine physical challenges with imagination and stimulation. Bespoke solutions are offered on...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Pirate boat metal play structure
    Pirate boat metal play structure
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The Spanish Galleon provides an alternative climbing tower to the more common options. Children can climb the rigging to the crows nest or look at their funny face in the stainless steel mirror sail.
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Low level timber trim trails
    Low level timber trim trails
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Timber trim trails (activity and fitness trails) are suitable for any playground location. They can be individual, stand alone pieces forming an island or running one after another forming a course. A wide range of styles is...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 1.8m roundabout
    1.8m roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    There are a number of options for the 1.8m seated roundabout. There are the footprints seats as shown in the picture or the three seat arrangement of the 1.5m Roundabout can also be requested. The final option is to have...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Mini sports courts
    Mini sports courts
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers mini sports courts suitable for football.
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 3-way metal framed cluster swing
    3-way metal framed cluster swing
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers the 3-way cluster swing: high play value; curved 60mm heavyweight galvanised top beams; 76mm gusseted heavyweight galvanised legs (galvanising to EN ISO 1461:1999); anti-wrap bearings as standard;...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.5m Giant Spinning Disk
    2.5m Giant Spinning Disk
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    This popular large disk is designed to challenge children from the age of 8 upwards. The 2.5m Giant Spinning Disk provides balancing, co-ordination, timing and running activities. The Spinning Disk spins whilst set at an...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Custom and bespoke slides for play areas
    Custom and bespoke slides for play areas
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Our slide designs are designed with new software allowing many shapes, sizes and configurations to be manufactured at our facility: stainless steel slides slides; bespoke slides to fit existing play units; steel or timber...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Custom and bespoke roundabouts
    Custom and bespoke roundabouts
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris manufactures custom and bespoke roundabouts - 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, and 2.5m. With our in house manufacturing we are able to make custom and bespoke roundabouts to the client's specifications. These custom...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Half-round (open) embankment slides
    Half-round (open) embankment slides
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Stainless steel trough Embankment slides are available in heights from 1.2m: standard slide angle 35 degrees; additional option of curved slides with bends; handles and grips manufactured in steel and powder coated; all...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Double stand-on seesaw
    Double stand-on seesaw
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Robust and low maintenance seesaw for 5 years and above offering a stand on option for 4 people. For safety, seesaws require a soft surface below them, but with our range of see-saws incorporating safety features we have a...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: CICOGNA roof style canopy
    CICOGNA roof style canopy
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Superb outdoor structures for shade, rain protection and outdoor learning: galvanised and powder-coated steel frames; canopy material - fire retardant PVC. The beams act as a gutter to the canopy and the rain drains along...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Mushroom seats for play areas
    Mushroom seats for play areas
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Mushroom seating is available in a wide variety of colours and as separate stools or with 4 seats and a table.
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Double-width free-standing trough slide
    Double-width free-standing trough slide
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Freestanding double-width inclusive play slide. Age 4 and up depending on slide height: stainless steel trough slide, 960mm wide; steel steps with Tredsafe step covers; access by scramble net available as option; heavyweight...