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Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd

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  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Multi sport goal ends
    Multi sport goal ends
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers multi sport courts and furniture providing a smooth court finish with a variety of architectural options. A design service is offered so that individual panels can be made, all of which are vandal...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Medway rotator
    Medway rotator
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The Medway rotator is a large spinner for 8 years and up. The unit spins, twirls and rises as it rotates. It offers something different and daring which older children love. The main beam rotates starting at about 300mm off...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Half-round (open) embankment slides
    Half-round (open) embankment slides
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Stainless steel trough Embankment slides are available in heights from 1.2m: standard slide angle 35 degrees; additional option of curved slides with bends; handles and grips manufactured in steel and powder coated; all...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Trough embankment slide
    Trough embankment slide
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Stainless steel trough embankment slides are a traditional favourite. Available in standard or bespoke heights: 960mm wide trough width; stainless or powder coated handrails; simple installation; low maintenance; excellent...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 1.5m 3-seat inclusive roundabout
    1.5m 3-seat inclusive roundabout
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    The 1.5m 3-seat Inclusive roundabout is Massey & Harris' smallest seated roundabout with all the strength and durability of the larger versions. The three curved seats offer plenty of handrails for young children to hold...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: 2.5m inclusive nest swing (4-14 years)
    2.5m inclusive nest swing (4-14 years)
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers the 2.5m inclusive nest swing, which is suitable for 4-14 year olds. It has a 60mm heavyweight top beam, galvanised as standard; and heavyweight bearings as standard, which are designed to move in two...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Low level steel trim trails
    Low level steel trim trails
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Steel trim trails (activity and fitness trails) are more robust that timber trails. Components are produced in both steel and stainless steel using polycord ropes and nets with galvanised and / or stainless steel fixings.
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Single seat toddler swing
    Single seat toddler swing
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massy & Harris offers single bay seat swings for toddlers: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.4m and 3.0m beam heights; 60mm heavyweight top beam, galvanised as standard; heavyweight anti wrap bearings as standard; low maintenance; easy assembly...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Bespoke metal swing frames
    Bespoke metal swing frames
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers bespoke stainless steel swing frames: swings available in 1.8, 2.0, 2.4 and 3.0m beam heights; swings can be made to customer specification; option of integral barriers on one side only; triple bay...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Twin mast activity nets - 4 and 6m
    Twin mast activity nets - 4 and 6m
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Twin mast activity nets provide a great climbing challenge for children of all ages: available in 4 and 6m heights; polished stainless steel central masts; complete set of galvanised foundation steelwork; optional corner...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Spiral tunnel slides
    Spiral tunnel slides
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Massey & Harris offers stainless steel tunnel sides: supporting steps provide access to top of tower; heavyweight, easy to install with protective weather cover; two point installation, simple and easy to install; large...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Sit-on springie
    Sit-on springie
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Robust and low maintenance sit-on springers for 2 to 5 years. Spring-based play equipment stimulates children and toddlers can rock by themselves or play together with a number of friends. For safety, springers require a...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Wheelchair-accessible inclusive play unit
    Wheelchair-accessible inclusive play unit
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Wheelchair-accessible inclusive play unit encourages imaginative and challenging play for all. Specially designed for wheelchair and disabled access, which is achieved by wide ramps, nets and larger tower units, allowing...
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Embankment tunnel slide
    Embankment tunnel slide
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Tunnel slides designs have been developed with new software allowing many shapes, sizes and configurations to be manufactured. Massey & Harris has the capability to design and manufacture any slide to client specification.
  • Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd: Funtasia 2 pedestal play towers
    Funtasia 2 pedestal play towers
    Massey & Harris (Eng) Ltd
    Funtasia 2 pedestal play towers are designed to provide maximum choice and flexibility for the playground space available. Units combine physical challenges with imagination and stimulation. Bespoke solutions are offered on...