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Germinal Amenity

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  • Germinal Amenity: A2 grade 'A' grass seed mixture for quality lawns
    Germinal Amenity: A13 grade 'A' golf roughs and habitat areas grass seed
    Germinal Amenity: A20 Premier Ryesport grass seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: A7 grade 'A' Olympic quality sports ground seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: A9 grade 'A' general outfield grass seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: A6 grade 'A' Supreme Shade grass seed mixture

    Germinal Amenity

    Grass seed

    Direct supplier of amenity grass seed mixtures for landscaping, sports, golf, turf and conservation. Breeder of new cultivars via the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS), offering UK grasses for UK conditions....
  • Germinal Amenity: WFG21 Everyday Meadow wildflower seed mix
    Germinal Amenity: RE4 Lowland Limestone (CG2 Grassland) seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE9 Farmland Mixture (MG6 Grassland) wildflower seed
    Germinal Amenity: WF1 Flowering Meadow seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE8 Coastal Reclamation (MG12 Grassland) seed mixture
    Germinal Amenity: RE10 Marginal Land (U20 Grassland) seed mixture

    Germinal Amenity


    Offers two ranges of native UK wildflower mixtures. One range includes 16 general purpose wildflower mixtures put together to suit specific soil types. The other range, intended for more environmentally sensitive areas, is based on the National Vegetation Classification and offers 12 mixtures from naturally abundant UK plant communities....