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  • Timberplay: 7.26000 Rotating Disc
    7.26000 Rotating Disc
    This low-height, high energy roundabout allows turning at various speeds ranging from relaxed rotation to wild fun. The wooden surface gives a pleasant, tactile experience for children age six and above.
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Wobble Dish
    Richter Spielgeräte Wobble Dish
    Wobble Dish can hold from one to three small children and provides wobbling, swinging enjoyment. When the children shift their weight they can swing to and fro, can whirl in a circle or roll while the dish moves on its...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Carousel with seating ring
    Richter Spielgeräte Carousel with seating ring
    This well-designed carousel offers places for many children at the same time. When turning around slowly, it is possible to sit down on the lower tube and lean against the upper one for a relaxed chat. When the carousel gets...
  • Timberplay: Giant Revolving Disc
    Giant Revolving Disc
    The Giant Revolving Disc is a large roundabout for older children, and is particualrly suitable for pre-teens and teenagers. The speed can be controlled by setting the product in motion, spinning at the side, or running on...