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  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Climbing Structures play equipment
    Richter Spielgeräte Climbing Structures play equipment
    Climbing Structures are made from hand-processed irregular round logs. They can easily be integrated into a strongly nature-orientated environment due to their expressive yet natural character. Many children can play within...
  • Timberplay: Scent Organ for sensory play
    Scent Organ for sensory play
    The Scent Organ from Timberplay offers children a variety of fragrances to explore.
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte polished black granite Tuning Stone
    Richter Spielgeräte polished black granite Tuning Stone
    It is a well-known fact that, together with the eyes, the ears perceive a great amount of sensory impressions. However, not many of us know how many interesting sounds can be produced by tapping a stone. The ear helps us to...
  • Timberplay: Turning Stone
    Turning Stone
    This large boulder can be set rotating with just the smallest amount of effort, maintaining its speed or increasing it with gentle pushes. A recessed channel around the boulder helps children and adults start the rotation,...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Balance Blocks
    Richter Spielgeräte Balance Blocks
    Blocks with unevenly positioned drill- holes are strung on two parallel wires running side by side and highly ten- sioned. Because of the differences in height of their centres of gravity, some of the wooden blocks are...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Building Site
    Richter Spielgeräte Building Site
    Many children are very satisfied with doing proper work. The Building Sites give them the opportunity to realistically mimic the working world of adults. Heavy loads can be moved over a roller, sand and water can be poured...
  • Timberplay: Small Fish water play unit
    Small Fish water play unit
    Water play is particularly alluring for children, especially during summer. Timberplay has combined its popular Mushroom Pump with a wooden platform featuring two friendly fish to give the ‘Small Fish’ water combination. The...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgerate Car Tyre Swing
    Richter Spielgerate Car Tyre Swing
    A milled-off half tyre with a wooden floor insert acts as a swinging platform and is attached to a universal joint, with additional ball-bearings to create rotary motion. This piece of equipment is not only for the fun of...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Sheep - resting
    Richter Spielgeräte Sheep - resting
    The abstracted shape of the Sheep is appealing to children. At once, they recognise them by their posture, the expression of their faces and the characteristic look of their ears. Sheep becomes part of role play, they are...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgeräte Small Playing House
    Richter Spielgeräte Small Playing House
    The Small Playing House is a stimulus to role play for younger children. Primarily this entails mother and child games because the house with protective roof and four sheltering walls conveys the feelings and actions...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgerate Baby Elephant play platform
    Richter Spielgerate Baby Elephant play platform
    The artistically-designed baby elephant play platform creates a friendly atmosphere that is instantly accepted by children. Without needing any encouragement at all, they immediately play riding games, pat their faces and...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgerate Ring Scales
    Richter Spielgerate Ring Scales
    The six pendulum seats are fastened to a steel ring which is suspended for freedom of movement by means of spokes made from ropes. T he Ring Scales are suited for symmetric play arrangements where the children can try to...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgerate Partner Swing
    Richter Spielgerate Partner Swing
    Here both young and old can just have fun by co-operating together in this interactive game. The human body is subject to the physical laws of mass. Various invisibly acting forces reach a harmonious equilibrium in the...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgerate Water Channels for water play
    Richter Spielgerate Water Channels for water play
    This system of wooden water gutters consists of 10 elements of different shapes and functions which can be combined to individual water play installations. The gutters have different movable shutters, are installed with...
  • Timberplay: Richter Spielgerate Belt Paths
    Richter Spielgerate Belt Paths
    The Belt Path is an ideal play item for energetic, harmless fun. The rubber belt stretched between the support posts creates a rebound effect. Particularly interesting games can be played on it when it is stretched out over...