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Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing

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  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Enigma ™ monolith
    Enigma ™ monolith
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    The Enigma™ monolith affords a simple yet effective sign and wayfinding solution. Its modular construction allows graphic panels to be custom designed for a range of locations, reflecting the character, landscape and...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: dCipher™ pedestrian wayfinding monolith
    dCipher™ pedestrian wayfinding monolith
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    Designed specifically with towns and cities in mind, dCipher™ is an affordable and modern pedestrian wayfinding monolith that offers the perfect balance of durability, functionality, price and design. Manufactured from hard...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Accoya™ Totem signage
    Accoya™ Totem signage
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    This timber totem is manufactured from hard wearing Accoya™ interleafed with stainless steel sheets. A unique design and construction offering up to 50 years life expectancy with face-fixed graphics of the client's choice:...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Notice Board Totem
    Notice Board Totem
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    Manufactured from Iroko hardwood, this timber totem puts a modern spin on traditional poster cases, allowing updateable information to be displayed on one or both sides. Customise your display with permanently engraved...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Wayfinding Totem
    Wayfinding Totem
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    A simple yet elegant way to control your visitors and keep them up to date with events, our Wayfinding Totems are manufactured from Iroko hardwood and can be finished with permanently engraved messages or snap frames for...
  • Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing: Information Monolith
    Information Monolith
    Fitzpatrick Woolmer Design & Publishing
    Keep your visitors up to date and your signage on brand with our Information Monolith. Poster frames allow the regular updating of messages, supported by a graphic back drop designed to your requirements: stainless steel...