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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Tricep Press UBX-244
    Hydraulic Tricep Press UBX-244
    Jupiter Play
    Make the most out of your workout with the user adjustable outdoor gym system. This Urbanix equipment contains unique patented piston technology that allows users to change the resistance in to cater to their fitness and...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Squat Machine UBX-217
    Hydraulic Squat Machine UBX-217
    Jupiter Play
    The simplistic design of the hydraulic squat machine provides little scope for error during an individuals workout. This reduces the risk of injury and allows users to reap benefits of muscle growth at a quicker rate. The...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Chest Press UBX-246
    Hydraulic Chest Press UBX-246
    Jupiter Play
    The Chest Press delivers exercises that focus on the chest muscles and also targets the triceps and shoulders. The only user adjustable outdoor gym system available is Urbanix through its patented piston technology.
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Shoulder Press UBX-247
    Hydraulic Shoulder Press UBX-247
    Jupiter Play
    The hydraulic shoulder press offers users a targeted workout for your shoulder and back muscles. Urbanix equipment is the only user adjustable outdoor gym system whereby individuals can alter the resistance dependent on the...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Leg Press UBX-215
    Hydraulic Leg Press UBX-215
    Jupiter Play
    The hydraulic leg press machine’s range of resistance brings you a great workout for your leg muscles. Users are able to increase the resistance on the equipment to meet the requirements of their workout. This also allows...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Abdominal Toner UBX-211
    Hydraulic Abdominal Toner UBX-211
    Jupiter Play
    The abdominal toner machine works the midsection and abdominal muscles to improve corestability. This allows users to get the definition they've always wanted whilst providing fundamental ab strength to help reduce risk of...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Bench Press UBX-293
    Hydraulic Bench Press UBX-293
    Jupiter Play
    This bench press allows users to develop fitness and strength at a faster rate with it's unique hydraulic system and patented piston. Individuals can alter the resistance they desire, suiting the equipment to their workout...
  • Jupiter Play: Resistance Spinning Bike UBX-289
    Resistance Spinning Bike UBX-289
    Jupiter Play
    The resistance spinning bicycle provides a great cardio workout that tones lower body and core muscles. Grouped a number of bicycles together and you can encourage individuals to meet new fitness enthusiasts by engaging in...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Rowing Machine UBX-290
    Hydraulic Rowing Machine UBX-290
    Jupiter Play
    The only user adjustable outdoor gym system available is Urbanix through its patented piston technology. The rowing machine provides extensive and intense exercise. It works several muscle groups at once such as the...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic High Pulley UBX-248
    Hydraulic High Pulley UBX-248
    Jupiter Play
    The High Pulley is the perfect fitness equipment for individuals looking to build upper body strength. The only user adjustable outdoor gym system available is Urbanix. Through its patented piston technology individuals can...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Thigh Combo UBX-218
    Hydraulic Thigh Combo UBX-218
    Jupiter Play
    The hydraulic thigh combo is a great machine to add into any lower body workout. With the dual-sided resistance, users can work both the inner and outer thigh muscles on the same unit, maximising the burn and allowing them...
  • Jupiter Play: GALOPIN - Sport & Fitness Range
    GALOPIN - Sport & Fitness Range
    Jupiter Play
    With society increasing values more healthy habits and quality of life. Galopin's sport range includes different play elements, sport circuits and games to help create healthy environments. Skate parks and MultiSport: not...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Butterfly UBX-208
    Hydraulic Butterfly UBX-208
    Jupiter Play
    Chest butterfly exercises focus on the chest or pectoral muscles for strength and definition. The only user adjustable outdoor gym system available is Urbanix through its patented piston technology.
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Arm Curl UBX-255
    Hydraulic Arm Curl UBX-255
    Jupiter Play
    Exercise both biceps and triceps with the dual-sided system on this arm curl machine. Users can increase resistance as their strength develops with the unique patented Urbanix piston technology.