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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: 30m+ Cableway 901420000R
    30m+ Cableway 901420000R
    Jupiter Play
    Cableways from FHS Holtztechnik offer exhilarating and dynamic play opportunities. Wooden options are available to complement a natural environment. FHS offers cableways in 30, 40 and 50m options, in a selection of...
  • Jupiter Play: Natura Single Seat Zip Line XVHX001
    Natura Single Seat Zip Line XVHX001
    Jupiter Play
    Moving equipment is a key addition to a leisure area for pre-teens and adolescents. Young people can challenge them as well as competing against each other. Gliding is a key play sensation that is not felt in a greater way...
  • Jupiter Play: 30m Double Cableway 901425000R
    30m Double Cableway 901425000R
    Jupiter Play
    In addition to standard cableways, FHS supply a double cableway, where riders can fly past each other in opposite directions, competing to see who reaches the finish line first. The exhilarating and dynamic nature of the...