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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Microsphere IP19
    Microsphere IP19
    Jupiter Play
    The wall mounted Microsphere has been designed to engage children through activities that offer a variety of fun, creative and interesting elements. Combined, these elements allow children to explore and manipulate the ball...
  • Jupiter Play: Fish Activity Wall FAC04
    Fish Activity Wall FAC04
    Jupiter Play
    The Fish Wall is suitable for children aged 1-4 years. Up to 8 children can play with the unit at one time.
  • Jupiter Play: Tic Tac Toe IP301
    Tic Tac Toe IP301
    Jupiter Play
    One of the most well-known games, purely from its simplicity and the ease of playing it. It is a good way for children to develop logical understanding and strategy, but in a fun environment with friends. This is our...
  • Jupiter Play: Minisphere IP18
    Minisphere IP18
    Jupiter Play
    The Minisphere, a smaller version of the Exosphere offers a variety of play experiences that encourage socialisation, communication and co-operation. Children can use both hands together or separately when playing with the...
  • Jupiter Play: Colourfly Activity Panel IP304
    Colourfly Activity Panel IP304
    Jupiter Play
    Don’t be fooled by the Colourfly’s lack of movement and noise. Children can look through the coloured wings to see the world a little differently. They have control on how they change their view and interact with the...
  • Jupiter Play: The Collider IP303
    The Collider IP303
    Jupiter Play
    When a child doesn’t have the ability for physical movement, watching other things move is engaging and therapeutic. Add some more sensory play into the mix by including the sound of bearings colliding and you are onto a...
  • Jupiter Play: Fun Reflections IP305
    Fun Reflections IP305
    Jupiter Play
    Mirrors have fascinated the young and old alike for centuries and the wobbly mirror just adds a more fun element into the mix. Fun Reflections distorts the world around; nothing seems normal which helps to challenge...
  • Jupiter Play: 3 to Connect Activity Panel IP302
    3 to Connect Activity Panel IP302
    Jupiter Play
    This game has been one of the best-selling garden games in the UK supplied by our partner company at Inclusive Play. It has been designed to be a fixed play item without any small pieces. It can be installed into any public...
  • Jupiter Play: The Scribbler IP300
    The Scribbler IP300
    Jupiter Play
    Who doesn't love to doodle? It has to be the most fun way of improving fine motor skills and helping to conceptualise ideas. The chalkboard is also a fantastic medium to communicate with children who cannot verbally make...