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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Sand Play Seive Table 905840300R
    Sand Play Seive Table 905840300R
    Jupiter Play
    The inclusive sand play table from FHS Holtztechnik can be installed at the side of a sand play area, meaning children in pushchairs and wheelchairs can access the top table and enjoy the creative fun of playing with sand...
  • Jupiter Play: Sand Pit Alex 905820250R
    Sand Pit Alex 905820250R
    Jupiter Play
    This sand play system adds a modern twist to any play area. Sand is a fantastic sensory experience and children can use imagination combined with logic to move the sand around the space. Elements include a sand chute, sand...
  • Jupiter Play: Stainless Steel Sand Digger 9058408000
    Stainless Steel Sand Digger 9058408000
    Jupiter Play
    The sand digger is an additional piece of equipment which can add to a sand or water themed play area. The digger allows a child to develop coordination and logic as they control the handles, pick up sand are redeposit...
  • Jupiter Play: Sand Play Till 905820150R
    Sand Play Till 905820150R
    Jupiter Play
    A sand pulley, sand chute, sand tube and swivel crane amount to this exciting unit full of play value. From every side and every height, children can experiement with various mechanical items and move sand around the unit.
  • Jupiter Play: Sand Play Moritz 905820200
    Sand Play Moritz 905820200
    Jupiter Play
    The Moritz is an exciting climbing unit with sand play extras that provide children with endless hours of fun. The Moritz features a variety of sand play items on all sides allowing multiple children to play in the sand at...
  • Jupiter Play: Sand Play Leon 905820450
    Sand Play Leon 905820450
    Jupiter Play
    The Leon sand play system combined multi play with sand play and is medium sized to fit any play space. The main platform is accessed by a ladder or climbing rope and children can exit via the slide. Tubes, pulleys and a...