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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Infinity Bowl IP20
    Infinity Bowl IP20
    Jupiter Play
    The Infinity Bowl rotates on a single-point axis at an incline of 14 degrees. It is designed for ease of transfer, with low-level access making it ideal for children being transferred from a wheelchair or pram. The angle and...
  • Jupiter Play: Fusion IP09
    Fusion IP09
    Jupiter Play
    A fusion of fun and excitement for all, the Fusion is a smaller more compact unit that spins and rocks like the Revolve. It is dynamic and due to the design is highly inclusive. The wide rim, utilising a non-slip Tredsafe...
  • Jupiter Play: Wildlife Wheelspin inclusive roundabout IP12W
    Wildlife Wheelspin inclusive roundabout IP12W
    Jupiter Play
    The Wildlife Wheelspin roundabout is a decorative version of the original blue and white Wheelspin. It brings character to a play area whilst allowing children of all ages and abilities to enjoy the spinning motion...
  • Jupiter Play: Revolve roundabout IP01
    Revolve roundabout IP01
    Jupiter Play
    Revolve is a rotating bowl-shaped roundabout that can be used for gentle spinning as well as very fast dynamic play. Not only does Revolve spin, it also rocks. This combined movement, coupled with the support and security...
  • Jupiter Play: Wheelspin Roundabout IP12
    Wheelspin Roundabout IP12
    Jupiter Play
    The Wheelspin is a wheelchair-friendly, inclusive roundabout. It is designed with a back support, a seated area and railings. It can be used in several ways and allows children of all abilities to enjoy experiencing a...
  • Jupiter Play: Dinamix Carousel L25
    Dinamix Carousel L25
    Jupiter Play
    Galopin's specialist design and manufacture makes this product no ordinary roundabout. The visually appealing carousel is made of galvanised steel making the product just a robust as it looks contemporary. Fitting in...