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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Upside Down Tree Sculptures 9124431740
    Upside Down Tree Sculptures 9124431740
    Jupiter Play
    These unique, quirky characters, carved into upside down Robinia trees, make a visually impressive addition to any play area. Whether as statues defining an entrance, or customised to include play elements between two trees,...
  • Jupiter Play: Dinghy Springer 907121110R
    Dinghy Springer 907121110R
    Jupiter Play
    As one of the smaller items in our ships and boats range, the Dinghy is the perfect addition to a themed play space with a small amount of space and budget available. The boat sits on springs to allow children to stimulate...
  • Jupiter Play: Teepee Little Wolf 907224150R
    Teepee Little Wolf 907224150R
    Jupiter Play
    Made from the FHS robust and sustainable robinia timber. The perfect addition to any play area to add a unique themed item which will transform the space. This product has recently been installed in schools and makes a great...
  • Jupiter Play: Giant Tortoise 90864130RO
    Giant Tortoise 90864130RO
    Jupiter Play
    The large hand carved tortoise has proven popular with children, young people and adults in many play spaces. Smaller children will need the assistance of an adult, but most children enjoy the challenge of attempting to...
  • Jupiter Play: Shark hand-carved sculpture 90864105RO
    Shark hand-carved sculpture 90864105RO
    Jupiter Play
    Our hand crafted Shark scuplture is a unique addition to a water themed play space. Children can sit on top of the shark and smaller children can be assisted by an adult. This item helps make a play space truely accessible...
  • Jupiter Play: Rusty The Train 90876105RO
    Rusty The Train 90876105RO
    Jupiter Play
    FHS figurative play equipment is hand carved and adaptable to suit site requirements. The Rusty Train allows a large number of children and adults to use as a seating area or to develop role play with peers. This train fits...
  • Jupiter Play: Crow's Nest 907120110R
    Crow's Nest 907120110R
    Jupiter Play
    No pirate themed playground is complete without a crow’s nest. Situated alongside a ship, the crow’s nest will encourage children to accept the challenge and climb up the pole to the lookout platform. The large timber post...
  • Jupiter Play: Suspended Bridge 906192100R
    Suspended Bridge 906192100R
    Jupiter Play
    Bridges are an exciting add-on to a play area of any size. They can work particularly well in mounded areas or add to a themed space. The suspended bridge is a fantastic lookout point for children to stop and decide where...
  • Jupiter Play: Totum Pole Sculpture 907224200R
    Totum Pole Sculpture 907224200R
    Jupiter Play
    A hand crafted Totem Pole will intrigue visitors in every play space. Indian themed play areas benefit from lots of singular items to enhance the theme. The totem pole allows children of all ages to develop role play...
  • Jupiter Play: Teepee Course Little Path 907224350R
    Teepee Course Little Path 907224350R
    Jupiter Play
    This item is a modern twist on traditional stepping stilts. Custom made to suit the ground level or colour scheme; this stilts course can enhance an Indian theme space within a natural environment. Children can jump from...