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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Natura Two Towers Multiplay C302A-NT
    Natura Two Towers Multiplay C302A-NT
    Jupiter Play
    Offering unique themed Tower play whilst keeping in close contact with the natural environment. Easy maintenance of the timber due to the intense treatment prior implementation maximises play life.
  • Jupiter Play: Demod  Two Tower Bridge Multiplay DEM05
    Demod Two Tower Bridge Multiplay DEM05
    Jupiter Play
    This unit is a great functional and valued game, perfect for a playground of any current moderbn city. The result is soft but colourful play equipment which really reconciles the robustness of the amterials with the delicacy...
  • Jupiter Play: Varioset Freising V01242050R
    Varioset Freising V01242050R
    Jupiter Play
    A challenging and dynamic unit suitable for children aged 6 years and upwards. This unit provides children with the opportunity to improve their balancing and agility skills, creates a setting for social interaction. The...
  • Jupiter Play: Playship Texel 907112020R
    Playship Texel 907112020R
    Jupiter Play
    This is a multiplay ship with a difference. With the introduction of rope play and climbing, this large unit allows a large number of children to play at once. The rope and climbing elements challenge children at various...
  • Jupiter Play: Mikad Tower multiplay unit (92024101R)
    Mikad Tower multiplay unit (92024101R)
    Jupiter Play
    The Mikad play tower is suitable for small children to play in and act out role play scenarios with adults, while older children climb on top of the roof to gain a good lookout point over a play area. Made of robinia, it...
  • Jupiter Play: Cubic Multiplay Unit (CUB030)
    Cubic Multiplay Unit (CUB030)
    Jupiter Play
    Cubic is a large challenging and dynamic multiplay unit for up to 20 children to play on at any one time. The quirky nature of the slanted platforms and structure posts creates an intriguing space to play that includes...
  • Jupiter Play: Varioset Seeburg V01252050R
    Varioset Seeburg V01252050R
    Jupiter Play
    The ultimate circle of multiplay is the Seeburg unit. Dominated by net play and hanging elements, this unit is challenging from all entry points. The level of difficulty is perfect for keeping young teenagers occupied whilst...
  • Jupiter Play: Teepee Great Crow 907224100R
    Teepee Great Crow 907224100R
    Jupiter Play
    This Teepee will convert older children back to a world of imaginative play. In keeping with an Indian theme, the unit provides challenge and excitement in all areas. Children can climb up the inside to the sheltered...
  • Jupiter Play: Play Tower Tent Martin 92024051R
    Play Tower Tent Martin 92024051R
    Jupiter Play
    This unique play tower is hand crafted and built to fit seamlessly into a natural woodland area. Play value is endless within the platforms, slide and net play area. Children can also create a den under the main platform or...
  • Jupiter Play: Activity Unit Biel 906182100R
    Activity Unit Biel 906182100R
    Jupiter Play
    The FHS Playtime Activity Points are a great value multi-play unit perfect for school and play areas with space constraints. The Biel unit provides elements including climbing, balancing and hanging and allows lots of...
  • Jupiter Play: Dinamix Multiplay Combo DX202M
    Dinamix Multiplay Combo DX202M
    Jupiter Play
    This product offers a range of methods of play to children, and can have up to 14 children enjoying the equipment at once. Made from galvanised steel using top quality ropes; materials and shapes that extend the urban...
  • Jupiter Play: Play Tower Twiete 903345100R
    Play Tower Twiete 903345100R
    Jupiter Play
    This quirky play tower features numerous play elements such as a climbing wall, wide climbing ladder, slide and look out platform. The wide entrance points and platform make it perfect for small children who need the...
  • Jupiter Play: Inclusive Play Omnibus IP200
    Inclusive Play Omnibus IP200
    Jupiter Play
    Inclusive Play are proud to have developed our new Multiplay range; Omnibus. This is a range that we have been working on for many years to make sure we captured the true essence of inclusion, i.e. providing challenge and...
  • Jupiter Play: Flame Tower 903362100R
    Flame Tower 903362100R
    Jupiter Play
    This large play tower is a unit suitable for children looking for a challenge. The unit stands at over 6m tall and the platform sits at 2.45m. Access points include a ladder and climbing wall which reach to the centre...
  • Jupiter Play: Playship Fohr V01140050R
    Playship Fohr V01140050R
    Jupiter Play
    The playship Fohr is an excellent ship suitable for smaller spaces. Although smaller than the larger ships in the range, the Fohr does not lack in play value. Included is a slide, climbing net and sand play items to create a...