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Jupiter Play

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  • Jupiter Play: Sensory Orbs IP05
    Sensory Orbs IP05
    Jupiter Play
    Orb springers are musical play products; by rocking the Orb a tinkle of music is created. They are available with three different sounds and are suitable for all age ranges. Manufactured from HDPE and set on a traditional...
  • Jupiter Play: Pendulum Swing 904622100R
    Pendulum Swing 904622100R
    Jupiter Play
    The Pendulum Swing from FHS Holtztechnik creates an exciting focal point for any play space. The multi-directional swinging and spinning movement can be enjoyed by children with a wide range of abilities. This unit can come...
  • Jupiter Play: Redes 3-pole climbing dome DOM03
    Redes 3-pole climbing dome DOM03
    Jupiter Play
    Climbing nets and structures are popular pieces of playground equipment since they span many age groups and offer a clean aesthetic for urban or natural environments. Galopin manufacture their own nets, which enables Jupiter...
  • Jupiter Play: Basket Swing 901230300R
    Basket Swing 901230300R
    Jupiter Play
    The inclusive basket swing from FHS Holtztechnik is a popular item with children of all ages and abilities. The deep basket cradles younger children or children with disabilities and also allows several older children to...
  • Jupiter Play: 30m+ Cableway 901420000R
    30m+ Cableway 901420000R
    Jupiter Play
    Cableways from FHS Holtztechnik offer exhilarating and dynamic play opportunities. Wooden options are available to complement a natural environment. FHS offers cableways in 30, 40 and 50m options, in a selection of...
  • Jupiter Play: Stepping Stilts 906110400R
    Stepping Stilts 906110400R
    Jupiter Play
    The Stepping Stilts from FHS Holtztechnik are popular with specifiers and can be added to any play space or landscape. They can be used as part of a balance trail, or can offer an alternative route up a hill. They are made...
  • Jupiter Play: Sand Play Seive Table 905840300R
    Sand Play Seive Table 905840300R
    Jupiter Play
    The inclusive sand play table from FHS Holtztechnik can be installed at the side of a sand play area, meaning children in pushchairs and wheelchairs can access the top table and enjoy the creative fun of playing with sand...
  • Jupiter Play: Upside Down Tree Sculptures 9124431740
    Upside Down Tree Sculptures 9124431740
    Jupiter Play
    These unique, quirky characters, carved into upside down Robinia trees, make a visually impressive addition to any play area. Whether as statues defining an entrance, or customised to include play elements between two trees,...
  • Jupiter Play: Double Embankment Slide 9022570200
    Double Embankment Slide 9022570200
    Jupiter Play
    This stainless steel embankment slide from FHS Holtztechnik is manufactured from 2.5mm thick, high grade steel. The double width allows children to slide together or for less able children to be accompanied by an adult. FHS...
  • Jupiter Play: Play House Stake House 903326100R
    Play House Stake House 903326100R
    Jupiter Play
    This playhouse from FHS Holtztechnik provides children with a quiet zone where they can hang out and meet other children or simply rest from the fast pace of the play area. It is also ideal for games of hide-and-seek or role...
  • Jupiter Play: Embankment Slide 9023380225
    Embankment Slide 9023380225
    Jupiter Play
    What is a play area without a breath taking slide? Slope slides are a great way of converting an existing sloping area or manmade mound into an exciting play feature. Slides are loved by children of all ages and abilities!...
  • Jupiter Play: 4.4m High Swing 901050300R
    4.4m High Swing 901050300R
    Jupiter Play
    No playground is complete without a traditional swing. Our high swing is a contemporary twist on the original design and is available in timber or steel and a variety of seat options. Swinging is a basic movement and...
  • Jupiter Play: Hydraulic Tricep Press UBX-244
    Hydraulic Tricep Press UBX-244
    Jupiter Play
    Make the most out of your workout with the user adjustable outdoor gym system. This Urbanix equipment contains unique patented piston technology that allows users to change the resistance in to cater to their fitness and...
  • Jupiter Play: Colourfly Activity Panel IP304
    Colourfly Activity Panel IP304
    Jupiter Play
    Don’t be fooled by the Colourfly’s lack of movement and noise. Children can look through the coloured wings to see the world a little differently. They have control on how they change their view and interact with the...
  • Jupiter Play: Climbing Trunk Pile 906110180R
    Climbing Trunk Pile 906110180R
    Jupiter Play
    Aesthetic and a tactile link to natural play, the trunk pile provides informal play opportunities for young children whilst encouraging imaginative play. It encourages the development of climbing, balancing and agility...