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Frontier Pitts

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  • Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Jupiter static bollard - 7.5t @ 50mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Single Shallow Terra Neptune Bollard - 7.5t@40mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Neptune static bollard - 7.5t @ 40mph
    Frontier Pitts: PAS 68 Terra Mars Bollard - 7.5t@40mph
    Frontier Pitts: HVM roadblockers and bollards for National Rail
    Frontier Pitts: PAS68 Shallow Mount Static Terra Mars Bollard 7.5t@40mph

    Frontier Pitts


    Bollards are designed to offer an impact-resistant barrier to vehicle access, whilst allowing access to pedestrians. Such installations may range from shopping centres and complexes, stadiums, sport centres, promenades, airports and ports. Frontier Pitts manufacture a large portfolio of bollard, from manual/static bollards, automatic bollards...
  • Frontier Pitts

    Patio planters

    To compliment our range Planet Range of PAS 68 Bollards, Frontier Pitts introduces the smallest planter in the World. This unique planter is designed to perfectly enhance your landscape whilst providing your building, and its assets, with the PAS 68 protection it requires to counter the threat of potential hostile vehicles. The PAS 68 Planter...
  • Frontier Pitts

    Protective street furniture