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Aggregate Industries

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  • Aggregate Industries: SuperAirflex™
    Aggregate Industries
    A range of airfield asphalt concrete mixtures appropriate for use in runways and taxiways. Airflex can be grooved for runway applications to provide a more economical alternative to traditional grooved Marshall Asphalt:...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperParking®
    Aggregate Industries
    The bespoke car parking solution which has been designed and engineered to provide a tough, hard wearing, low maintenance asphalt surface which is perfect for supermarket, retail, transport, office and leisure centre...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperCurve®
    Aggregate Industries
    A high performance 10mm polymer modified asphalt designed and engineered to provide an enhanced surface course for higher stressed areas: excellent SCRIM Properties; good low temperature cracking resistance; high elastic...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperColour® Exposed
    SuperColour® Exposed
    Aggregate Industries
    SuperColour® Exposed is a range of durable, coloured asphalt surface courses where the colour of the mix is provided by exposing the natural colour of the coarse aggregate: aesthetically pleasing colour that is less brash...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperTrench®
    Aggregate Industries
    Continuing improvement of our asphalt footway reinstatement materials has led to the development of SuperTrench®, a range of permanent, HAUC approved hot mix surface course mixtures for use in the reinstatement of flexible...
  • Aggregate Industries: SuperPrixmat™
    Aggregate Industries
    A premium surfacing material designed for demanding high performance motor racing circuits. This product has a long successful history of use on many race circuits around the country: high-grip surface with appropriate skid...