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Queensbury Shelters

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Queensbury Shelters Ltd is a leading supplier of passenger shelters, bus shelters, smoking shelters and walkways. It has over 40 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of high-quality structures and ancillary products. The company can offer expert advice on all projects, ranging from single shelters for small... Read more
  • Queensbury Shelters: Arun bus shelters improve transport links in South East
    Queensbury Shelters: Advertising panels enhance standard bus shelters
    Queensbury Shelters: New bus shelters for Cheltenham high street
    Queensbury Shelters: Enclosed bus shelters - Jarrow bus station refurbishment
    Queensbury Shelters: Bus interchange canopies - University Hospital Coventry
    Queensbury Shelters: Ely anti vandal shelters

    Queensbury Shelters

    Passenger / bus shelters

    Designs, manufactures, installs and maintains enclosed, semi-enclosed and cantilevered passenger shelters. Projects from single shelters for rural villages to complete city centre routes, bus and rail termini and rapid transport schemes are accommodated. Site-specific requirements like real-time information systems and solar panel energy can...
  • Queensbury Shelters: Bespoke covered walkway - Elizabeth Harbour, Jersey
    Queensbury Shelters: Arun walkway and canopy
    Queensbury Shelters: Meridian walkway
    Queensbury Shelters: G2 Walkway and Canopy

    Queensbury Shelters

    Covered walkways

    Design, manufacture and installal covered walkways, and similar structures throughout the UK. A wide range of walkways are available including fully glazed or side glazed only with pitch, curved or flat roofs. The modular design of the walkways allows a wide range of sizes and configuration capable of meeting most requirements. Walkways can be...
  • Queensbury Shelters: Bus shelters and cycle canopies - TfGM Guided Busway
    Queensbury Shelters: Queensbury cycle canopy
    Queensbury Shelters: Queensbury cycle shelter

    Queensbury Shelters

    Cycle shelters

    All shelter designs are fully modular and can accommodate from between 10 to 100 cycles....
  • Queensbury Shelters: Bespoke entrance canopy for Jersey Marina
    Queensbury Shelters: Bespoke entrance canopy for business entrance

    Queensbury Shelters

    Canopy shelters

  • Queensbury Shelters: Wayfinding Totem
    Queensbury Shelters: Wayfinding retrofit signs

    Queensbury Shelters

    Wayfinding signage

  • Queensbury Shelters: Sheffield toast rack style cycle parking

    Queensbury Shelters

    Cycle racks

  • Queensbury Shelters: Wayfinding fingerpost

    Queensbury Shelters


  • Queensbury Shelters: Smoking shelter

    Queensbury Shelters

    Smoking shelters

    Smoking shelters fully compliant with UK smoking legislation, creating a safe, cost effective, and weather protected area....
  • Queensbury Shelters

    Cycle stands

  • Queensbury Shelters

    External noticeboards

    Supplies timetable and information cases. Infopost case has been especially designed to allow for the easy, effective and simple display of timetables and similar printed information. Manufactured from extruded aluminium it has several unique features including an integral polycarbonate hinged front with simple security locking allowing trouble...
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