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  • Street Furnishings: Street Furnishings provides faster service for quotes
    Street Furnishings provides faster service for quotes
    Street Furnishings
    Street Furnishings is moving to a quicker and more user-friendly website and service with quicker response times and more one-to-one advice on highway projects supporting your needs through supply of goods. New online chat Speak to our team live when you are on the website so we can guide you to what you want. Quicker pricing Instant responses to...
    13 January 2020
  • Street Furnishings: New 1-piece Night Owl available in black or white finish
    New 1-piece Night Owl available in black or white finish
    Street Furnishings
    The new 1-piece Night Owl is now available in all black plastic as well as the all-white version. No separate base, but still the same performance of rebound capabilities. This is due to the mix of reflex plastic and rigid plastic. Flexible at the base where required for impact, harder plastic mix on the surfaces where the reflective material is...
    16 February 2017
  • Street Furnishings: Upgrade for solar-powered Belisha beacon
    Upgrade for solar-powered Belisha beacon
    Street Furnishings
    Further improvements to our solar-powered Belisha beacons on upgrading the battery to a lithium ferros sulphate type and a new control board has seen improved performance. Once fully charged the beacon can now operate for 20 days without sunshine. Also, the change in battery means that it can now take 4 times the recharge cycles and has reduced...
    17 January 2017
  • Street Furnishings: When is a pencil not a pencil?
    When is a pencil not a pencil?
    Street Furnishings
    When is a pencil not a pencil? When its a bollard! Pictured here are our Pencil cast polyurethane bollards, which are popular additions outside of school entrances, not only deterring unwanted parking but alerting other traffic that they are in a school entrance area. A passive awareness of school locations!...
    09 December 2016
  • Street Furnishings: Heathrow uses Street Furnishings solar Belisha beacons
    Heathrow uses Street Furnishings solar Belisha beacons
    Street Furnishings
    Heathrow Airport has installed the modified slimline solar Belisha beacon from Street Furnishings. The slimline version is installed in situations where there they could possiby be clipped by wide, high-sided vehicles. Once installed there is no need for maintenance as the unit will recharge the battery that is incorporated in the post top unit...
    24 September 2015
  • Street Furnishings: Harefield regeneration uses Street Furnishings bollards
    Harefield regeneration uses Street Furnishings bollards
    Street Furnishings
    Harefield High Street regeneration has just had Street Furnishings Manchester Bollards in black cast polyurethane installed. A high visibility yellow reflector makes the bollards DDA compliant. DDA is the Disabilty Discrimination Act advice for bollards for use in public areas, where the visually impaired will benefit from the installation of this...
    18 June 2015
  • Street Furnishings: Supermarket Bollards
    Supermarket Bollards
    Street Furnishings
    If you are looking for Bollards that are good value for money, made from recycled plastic, available in a removable, or anti ram raid version all with reflectors so as they are DDA compliant, look no further....
    03 June 2015
  • Street Furnishings: New Cube Seating
    New Cube Seating
    Street Furnishings
    Just a shot of our new Cube seating in the shape of giant dice.The seats which are made from solid hardwood are ideal for school seating. These seats are 450mm cube and are heavy enough to be free standing, but can be shifted to differing locations with a trolley. Being solid wood these items should last for years!! These seats were made to a...
    28 May 2015
  • Street Furnishings: Engraved Hardwood Bollards
    Engraved Hardwood Bollards
    Street Furnishings
    We have recently supplied some Engraved Hardwood Bollards with a fancy logo engraved into the top section to highlight an area within a local Council. This Engraving process has many application possibilities for instance could be used for Woodland Park walks, Company logos for corporate identity in a traditional style from a renewable source of...
    19 May 2015
  • Street Furnishings: Solar Powered Centre Island Beacon
    Solar Powered Centre Island Beacon
    Street Furnishings
    The amazing Solar Powered Refuge Island Beacon. Simply bolt the unit on top of a pole and it will operate from dusk to dawn automatically. No digging up road or connecting to mains required. Our refuge beacon has been developed by modifying the Interplex Solar IS820 solar marine/aviation beacon that has a proven track record of ruggedness and...
    18 January 2013
  • Street Furnishings: Waitrose Bollard
    Waitrose Bollard
    Street Furnishings
    The brand new Waitrose store in Bracknell has just been completed, furnishing its new Car Park with our Waitrose Bollard. Its a very environmentally friendly choice as the bollard has "eco" credentials being entirely made from 100% recycled Polyethylene. The Waitrose Bollard is easily fitted onto a mild steel core, making the bollard very...
    25 October 2012
  • Street Furnishings: Sainsburys Bollard
    Sainsburys Bollard
    Street Furnishings
    Detail of the Anti Ram Bollards used by Sainsburys Supermarkets supplied by Street Furnishings. The Plastic Anti Ram Bollards are designed to be easy to install, with a plastic outer shell complete with reflectors that slpis over a mild steel core and is locked into position with security locks. Damaged sleeves can be replaced within a couple of...
    25 October 2012
  • Street Furnishings: Tesco bollard
    Tesco bollard
    Street Furnishings
    The new Tesco Store at Yiewsley in Middlesex have just installed our Walkway Bollards as an option to have economical bollard that can be easily replaced in the case of an accident. The Walkway Bollards are supplied complete with a contrasting reflective strip making them totally DDA compliant (Disability Discrimination Act). The Walkway Bollards...
    25 October 2012