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Duncan & Grove

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  • Duncan & Grove: Climbing Trunk (TT.2.04)
    Climbing Trunk (TT.2.04)
    Duncan & Grove
    Climbing Trunk features a large-diameter natural robinia pole with robinia handholds throughout each face. It is designed to allow children to climb up and around and can be paired with traversing ropes as an option.
  • Duncan & Grove: Climbing Ramp
    Climbing Ramp
    Duncan & Grove
    Climbing Ramp consists of a natural oak subframe, with robinia cladding boards and handholds, and a wire reinforced polypropylene rope on chain. This offers two routes up with every age and ability being challenged as much...
  • Duncan & Grove: Climbing Tree (TT.2.22)
    Climbing Tree (TT.2.22)
    Duncan & Grove
    Climbing Tree features a large-diameter natural robinia pole with three robinia forked branches that have been carved in. It is designed to resemble a small tree that can be climbed. Technical drawings available on request:...