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Duncan & Grove

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  • Duncan & Grove: Robinia Swing No.1 Basket (SW.2.01B)
    Robinia Swing No.1 Basket (SW.2.01B)
    Duncan & Grove
    Robinia Swing No.1 Basket features large robinia poles and stainless steel fixings arranged together to form a cantilever point for a basket swing. This swing moves in all directions and can be used by multiple children at...
  • Duncan & Grove: Swing No.2 Basket (SW.1.02B)
    Swing No.2 Basket (SW.1.02B)
    Duncan & Grove
    Swing No.2 Basket consists of two large section oak beams, stainless steel fixings and a basket swing. Multiple children can use the swing at the same time making it an inclusive option. Technical drawings available on...
  • Duncan & Grove: Swing No.5 Accessible (SW.1.05A)
    Swing No.5 Accessible (SW.1.05A)
    Duncan & Grove
    Swing No.5 Accessible features natural oak uprights and cross beam with an accessible swing seat on stainless steel fixings. This swing is great for disabled children. Technical drawings available on request: age range: 2+...
  • Duncan & Grove: Swing No.5 Steel Toddler (SW.1.05ST)
    Swing No.5 Steel Toddler (SW.1.05ST)
    Duncan & Grove
    Swing No.5 Steel Toddler features natural oak uprights and a galvanised steel cross beam. Two cradle swing seats are attached via stainless steel fixings. Technical drawings available on request: age range: 2+ years; area...