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Duncan & Grove

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  • Duncan & Grove: Playhut No.1 (PH.1.01)
    Playhut No.1 (PH.1.01)
    Duncan & Grove
    Playhut No.1 features a natural robinia subframe, planed larch cladding and traditional waney edge roof. Although designed for single use, they can be arranged in groups to suit site requirements. Technical drawings...
  • Duncan & Grove: Log Trough for water play (SA.1.03)
    Log Trough for water play (SA.1.03)
    Duncan & Grove
    Log Trough features a natural robinia subframe supporting a natural robinia beam with a channel for water to flow through. Designed to pair with the company's water pump and wooden basin, it is best used in groups. Can be...
  • Duncan & Grove: Teepee No.1 (TP.1.01)
    Teepee No.1 (TP.1.01)
    Duncan & Grove
    Teepee No.1 for playgrounds features various natural robinia poles in a spiral-like formation creating a traditional teepee structure. It is connected using high-quality stainless-steel fixings. Technical drawings available...
  • Duncan & Grove: Timber Beams & Buckets for sand play (SA.1.08)
    Timber Beams & Buckets for sand play (SA.1.08)
    Duncan & Grove
    Timber beams are made from debarked, sapwood-free and sanded smooth robinia poles that are cross-bolted to reduce splitting. Fixings and chains are stainless steel. Beams have buckets attached via a ring and a chain and can...
  • Duncan & Grove: Playground Telephone (SO1.01)
    Playground Telephone (SO1.01)
    Duncan & Grove
    Pllayground Telephone is designed to allow children to talk to each other across the playground in a fun way. Made from stainless steel, a large funnel and steel mesh prevents water and debris blocking the tube. Products...