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Artform Urban Furniture

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  • Artform Urban Furniture: Collect Litter Bin
    Collect Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    As part of the Metro40 range, the Collect litter bin features a cast aluminium ribbon frame, wide at the top and tapering toward the base, trimly wraps a rotationally-molded polyethylene body. The Collect Mini litter bin...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Pack Litter Bin
    Pack Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Pack Litter Bin consists of a sturdy metal sheet structure, a fixed and an openable metal sheet door which is equipped with triangular lock with key. The openable door is equipped with an in-built ashtray. The Litter bin...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Corte Litter Bin
    Corte Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Corte litter bin is manufactured from sheet steel which is formed into a cylindrical structure, laser cut and perforated with flora motifs. The litter bin features a cover sheet with a central hole for rubbish. The...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Chase Park Litter Bin
    Chase Park Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Designed and built to meet the rigors of urban spaces. The Chase Park litter bin is a refreshing choice for municipalities, transportation hubs, retail areas and educational areas. Add a logo band to portray a brand or...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Quarzo Litter Bin
    Quarzo Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Quarzo Litter Bin is made using a binding compound of granite or coloured marble aggregates which are sanded/bush hammered and treated against deterioration. It has a 2.5mm thick pressed steel cover, galvanised and...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: FGP Litter Bin
    FGP Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The FGP Litter Bin is a handsome element that complements other pieces in the FGP collection. Its cast aluminium rim and rotational-molded base are connected with vertical timber slats in between. The cast aluminium top is...