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Artform Urban Furniture

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  • Artform Urban Furniture: Chase Park Litter Bin
    Chase Park Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Designed and built to meet the rigors of urban spaces. The Chase Park litter bin is a refreshing choice for municipalities, transportation hubs, retail areas and educational areas. Add a logo band to portray a brand or...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Cestum Litter Bin
    Cestum Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Cestum litter bin is constructed with a galvanised steel lower base and cover, whilst the exterior is put together by mechanically fixing fourteen cast aluminium elements to form the shell. The litter bin is provided...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Set Litter Bin
    Set Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The Set Litter Bin is a recycling bin for mixed waste. Aluminium outer structure, with a flat base and openable cover, equipped with an ashtray and three holes of different colours to separate the waste. Each section is...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Pitch Litter Bin
    Pitch Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Use the Pitch Litter Bin to add a touch of flair. It works with other members of the 35 Collection family, and offers an attractive choice for stand-alone applications as well. The small footprint relative to capacity of...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Poe Litter Bin
    Poe Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    Poe Litter Bins boast a refinement in profile and structural detail that belies their humble function. Poe has a large 128L capacity, is manufactured of heavy-duty cast and extruded aluminium with a cast iron base, and has a...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Plainwell Litter Bin
    Plainwell Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    While Plainwell has its imitators, they are no match for the original. The choice of discriminating design professionals and clients for nearly a decade, Plainwell consistently performs under the rigors of public use in city...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: Collect Litter Bin
    Collect Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    As part of the Metro40 range, the Collect litter bin features a cast aluminium ribbon frame, wide at the top and tapering toward the base, trimly wraps a rotationally-molded polyethylene body. The Collect Mini litter bin...
  • Artform Urban Furniture: FGP Litter Bin
    FGP Litter Bin
    Artform Urban Furniture
    The FGP Litter Bin is a handsome element that complements other pieces in the FGP collection. Its cast aluminium rim and rotational-molded base are connected with vertical timber slats in between. The cast aluminium top is...