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Ian Marlow creates sculptures in stainless steel, incorporating other materials such as corten, glass and powder-coating for texture and effect. Ian’s sculptures are inspired by natural forms. They have a freshness and fluidity that makes them ideal for public landscaping, contemporary settings (both interior and exterior) and traditional gardens... Read more

Ian Marlow originally created large figurative pieces in stone and marble, then moved to stainless steel and glass.

This led to an exploration and experimentation with the materials and resulted in a major transition in his work. Subjects have always been drawn from nature, but whereas the stone sculptures were embodiments of natural forms, later works express something of our place in the world, torn between our man-created modern life styles and the natural world to which we belong.

Texture is added to the steel sculptures to make them shimmer as the daylight changes and the seasons alter.

There is a bold freshness in the crisp stainless steel and hand-made glass yet these works sit comfortably in either traditional gardens or within the minimalist landscape of modern architecture. 

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