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  • Percussion Play: Sonora outdoor xylophone / metallophone
    Sonora outdoor xylophone / metallophone
    Percussion Play
    The Sonora's melodious bells chime out loud with a resounding sonorous musical voice! The 21 tubular bells are made from hand tuned, heavy duty anodized aluminium and are each mounted individually over impact-resistant ABS...
  • Percussion Play: Cavatina Outdoor Xylophone
    Cavatina Outdoor Xylophone
    Percussion Play
    The Cavatina is an outdoor metallaphone. Its keys are arranged as a traditional xylophone or glockenspiel with low to high notes going from left to right. The keys are set over black resonators which amplify the sound:...
  • Percussion Play: Colossus Outdoor Playground Chimes
    Colossus Outdoor Playground Chimes
    Percussion Play
    Set of 11 Chimes tuned in C Major Pentatonic (C3-C5) Ranging from 1.6m-2.4m (63" - 95") this truly awesome sound sculpture delivers powerful resonant tones and visitors will experience the pure joy of making music and...
  • Percussion Play: Ensemble - Hexad
    Ensemble - Hexad
    Percussion Play
    The Hexad Ensemble consists of 6 musical instruments with a wide range of timbres and pitch: large Tubular Bells; bell Lyre; large and small Babel Drums; handpipes; harmony Xylophone. predominantly made from stainless steel;...
  • Percussion Play: Cherub  Outdoor Xylophone
    Cherub Outdoor Xylophone
    Percussion Play
    The beautiful, elegant and healing sounds of the Cherub make it the perfect addition to sensory gardens in children's centres, special needs environments, hospitals, nursing homes, schools or colleges. The 11 tubular bells...
  • Percussion Play: Cajon - Stainless Steel Outdoor Playground Drum
    Cajon - Stainless Steel Outdoor Playground Drum
    Percussion Play
    The cajon (pronounced Ka-hon)- meaning 'box' or 'crate' - originates from Peru and is usually made from plywood. This drum has a resonating box made from stainless steel and is perfect for outdoor performances: extremely...
  • Percussion Play: Mirror Chimes outdoor musical instrument
    Mirror Chimes outdoor musical instrument
    Percussion Play
    Highly polished aluminium anodised notes are arranged in the pentatonic c-major scale (C3-C5) using the universal mounting brackets which can be used on virtually any surface. These chimes will have a visual and auditory...
  • Percussion Play: Tutti  - A Trio of Outdoor Xylophones
    Tutti - A Trio of Outdoor Xylophones
    Percussion Play
    The Tutti is a triad of xylophones, with cascades of notes made from three different materials, securely fixed to a single post, becoming one ‘super-instrument’- perfect for playing with a couple of friends. The notes of...
  • Percussion Play: Tubular Bells - outdoor chimes
    Tubular Bells - outdoor chimes
    Percussion Play
    Seven 100mm diameter aluminium chimes range from 1.2m to 1.8m tall and can be installed directly into the ground in any arrangement. They are tuned in A Minor Pentatonic A2-C4. Built with durable materials, designed to...
  • Percussion Play: Capella outdoor xylophone
    Capella outdoor xylophone
    Percussion Play
    Our Capella Diatonic Xylophone has 15 Rainbow Coloured Notes and is tuned to C Major G3-G5. Because of its diatonic arrangement, players are able to play lots of familiar or favourite tunes as well as improvising or...
  • Percussion Play: Harmony outdoor musical instrument
    Harmony outdoor musical instrument
    Percussion Play
    The Harmony is based upon a traditional Vietnamese Bamboo xylophone called a T'rung. Elegant, with an irresistibly beautiful sound and resonance, Harmony is perfect for melodic exploration. Like a vertical marimba or...
  • Percussion Play: Floor Piano
    Floor Piano
    Percussion Play
    High-energy and engaging, we are sure you’ll love our fully chromatic mechanical floor piano. Engineered to perform in all environments, these 13 or 25 note instruments will allow budding virtuosos to compose their own music...
  • Percussion Play: Ensemble - Quintet
    Ensemble - Quintet
    Percussion Play
    The Quintet Ensemble of five outdoor musical instruments offers a well-rounded range of tones and resonance: cherub bells; sansa-Rimba Mysteria xylophone,; akadinda large marimba; a set of 7 Tubular Bells; rainbow Sambas.
  • Percussion Play: Babel Drum - outdoor steel pans
    Babel Drum - outdoor steel pans
    Percussion Play
    Babel Drums are circular stainless steel tongue drums securely mounted onto their frames designed for permanent outdoor installation. Precision tuned and available with 8-notes (Large) or 6-notes (Small). The Babel Drum...
  • Percussion Play: Ensemble - Septet
    Ensemble - Septet
    Percussion Play
    The Septet Ensemble is a set of seven outdoor musical instruments – Bell Lyre, small Babel Drum, large Babel Drum, Colossus Chimes, Handpipes, Cajon, and Papilio. This diverse set of instruments provides an extensive pitch...