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Livingreen Design

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  • Livingreen Design: Barrier Seating - modular GRP seating & planter system
    Barrier Seating - modular GRP seating & planter system
    Livingreen Design
    Barrier is a modular planting and seating system suited for many commercial and private landscape schemes. Cost effective and lightweight GRP modules; wide range of widths and lengths; seating from 1-10 seats; classic and...
  • Livingreen Design: Terraces 1 - outdoor seating, table and planter system
    Terraces 1 - outdoor seating, table and planter system
    Livingreen Design
    Terraces is a lightweight GRP modular furniture system comprising seats, planters and tables. The units can be arranged in an infinite number of ways to create imaginative and bespoke seating arrangements. As each unit is...
  • Livingreen Design: Snapback seat planter
    Snapback seat planter
    Livingreen Design
    The Snapback seat and planter unit from Livingreen Design is manufactured using an advanced composite technology (a modern form of GRP) which is lightweight, very strong, UV-resistant and capable of being finished to...
  • Livingreen Design: Barrier seating Lux
    Barrier seating Lux
    Livingreen Design
    The Barrier LUX seating modules provide a very cost effective solution to bespoke seating arrangements with additional lighting features. As well as the basic sizes shown, LUX bespoke modules can be created to allow an exact...
  • Livingreen Design: Terraces 2 planter furniture
    Terraces 2 planter furniture
    Livingreen Design
    Terraces 2 is a modular, lightweight seating and planting system that can be coloured and finished to any one of the extensive Livingreen finishes. Based on rectilinear forms, although collection includes curved modules and...