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   Bray, Republic of Ireland
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  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet - Vento Illuminating Bollard
    DAE Escofet - Vento Illuminating Bollard
    Public Spaces
    materials: L-2341 cast aluminium body & cover, translucent methacrylate shade, AISI 316 stainless steel electrical cable cover dimensions: Ø220mm x 800mm, additional Ø240mm x 100mm root fixing length additional features:...
  • Public Spaces: Larus - Sueste illuminating bollard
    Larus - Sueste illuminating bollard
    Public Spaces
    Larus - Sueste illuminating bollards are available from Public Spaces.
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet - Prism lighting bollard
    DAE Escofet - Prism lighting bollard
    Public Spaces
    The Prisma illuminated bollard was created as a technological review of a classic model from 1991, originally supplied only in concrete and wood. Beacon-like effect with a minimum UHF coefficient of 2.48 %. IP65 seal, IP67...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Cappadocia illuminated bollard
    Mago - Cappadocia illuminated bollard
    Public Spaces
    Cappadocia is presented as a proposal for a light equipped with expression, surpassing its mere functionality as artificial lighting, displaying all of its beauty of composition at any time of day or night. materials:...