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   Bray, Republic of Ireland
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  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Lola street light
    Escofet - Lola street light
    Public Spaces
    Lola is a street lamp that has nothing to do with traditional proposals and maintains a balance between functionality and the expressive nature of the lamp holder. A white plastic rotary moulded cylinder suspended from its...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Bali street light
    Escofet - Bali street light
    Public Spaces
    The Bali street lamp has a more neutral, abstract shape, resulting from the combination of a column and a lamp holder with the same prismatic cross section of 200x100mm. It has a single, double and symmetrical step...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet Ful lighting column
    Escofet Ful lighting column
    Public Spaces
    Ful street lights were initially designed in 1998 by architects Jaume Artigues and Pere Cabrera for a lighting project along the Raval watercourse. Escofet first produced the initial series, Ful-12, Ful-10 and Ful-9 in 2001,...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Wide lighting column
    Escofet - Wide lighting column
    Public Spaces
    The wide range of heights and configurations, as well as the versatility of its modules and optics, ensure that it is suitable for a wide variety of urban environments, with optimum and precise light distribution at night...
  • Public Spaces: Escofet - Kanya lighting column
    Escofet - Kanya lighting column
    Public Spaces
    The Kanya column series is designed for lighting large areas, and in particular, areas defined by their status as city limits and large public areas. Formed by columns with a truncated cone cross section, and with a slight...