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   Bray, Republic of Ireland
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  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Montseny bench
    DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Montseny bench
    Public Spaces
    Montseny is a traditional cast aluminium and hardwood bench supplied by Public Spaces from DAE Street Furniture as a modern alternative to Victoriana style furniture. Ideal for parks and the high street. Armrests make it...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Loop bench
    DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Loop bench
    Public Spaces
    DAE Loop bench has a simple and robust design for modern seating. Universities, Shopping malls, schools all must be possible locations for this bench. Available with and without a backrest. The Loop with backrest is strong...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Ban seats and benches
    DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Ban seats and benches
    Public Spaces
    Ban seats and benches are available in both single and double formats and can be supplied with or without backrests. The benches are perfect for use in places such as shopping centres and large open spaces where a high...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet - Koro seating
    DAE Escofet - Koro seating
    Public Spaces
    DAE Escofet - Koro seating is available from Public Spaces. Material: painted cast iron; painted stainless steel; coated Iroko wood bench: 2600 x 700 x 950mm; double-sided bench: 2600 x 1400 x 950mm; backless bench: 2600 x...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet street furniture - SUMO bench
    DAE Escofet street furniture - SUMO bench
    Public Spaces
    The SUMO is a contemporary bench that can be set in many configurations. This bench was chosen by the Olympic committee in London as the main form of seating for use in the Olympic Park. Its unique formation of laminated...
  • Public Spaces: DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Tao bench
    DAE Escofet Street Furniture - Tao bench
    Public Spaces
    This cast iron framed bench brings the combination of modern materials to traditional form work. DAE use PRFG (backrest and seat in polyester reinforced fibreglass slats) instead of wood to form the seating slats. This...
  • Public Spaces: Mago Ursus seating
    Mago Ursus seating
    Public Spaces
    Mago Ursus Seating The simple use of stone and timber give this elementary element a pleasing and comfortable atmosphere to any location. Available in all three of our standard colours, this design can blend with most paving...
  • Public Spaces: Mago Damero bench
    Mago Damero bench
    Public Spaces
    Mago Damero Bench Multiple use item of furniture. At home in any location, where casual seating is required. This bench is wide enough for people to sit on both sides giving it the possibility of seating 6-8 people. For more...
  • Public Spaces: Mago Killy seating
    Mago Killy seating
    Public Spaces
    Mago Killy is a contemporary and simple design of comfortable casual seating with the option of complete stone or timber and stone combinations. We offer both tropical and softwood timbers to choose from. And for those who...
  • Public Spaces: Larus - Rua Line steel bench
    Larus - Rua Line steel bench
    Public Spaces
    A very contemporary suite of furniture, manufactured simply in heavy galvanised steel. It is stable, firm, and resistant to vandalism. The award winning Rua Line looks right in modern cityscapes, or even rustic rural...
  • Public Spaces: Larus  - Tango bench
    Larus - Tango bench
    Public Spaces
    The Tango, a contemporary suite of furniture includes a bench with back, stool bench without back and table and chairs. There is even a matching litter bin. A very simple contemporary design including a 2.6m long bench, this...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Sol bench
    Mago - Sol bench
    Public Spaces
    Sol seating consists of a cylinder form with an optimum height for sitting on it. Available in various diameters and can also be used as a large bollard. An eyed-threaded steel bar can be inserted into the top to allow for...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Cub bench
    Mago - Cub bench
    Public Spaces
    Mago - Cub benches are characterised by their pure and basic forms. Their neutrality makes them suitable for several functions apart from seating, such as limiting or arranging the surrounding areas: colours: White, Grey,...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - K-3 bench
    Mago - K-3 bench
    Public Spaces
    The Mago - K-3 bench has an austere shape, with well-defined lines. Its polished texture gives it a retro and somewhat avant-garde look. It is a monolith element that easily adapts to any newly-created public space or...
  • Public Spaces: Mago - Simplex bench
    Mago - Simplex bench
    Public Spaces
    Series of seats consisting of a Simplex seat and a Simplex <8 seat designed for children. Its pure and simple lines are based on an interpretation of the elementary chair. Manufactured in a single piece, its generous design...