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Bailey Streetscene

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  • Bailey Streetscene: Tecto Seating
    Tecto Seating
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Tecto Seat is a modern twist on a classic design consisting simply of steel and timber slats to create a hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing bench fit for any environment. The bench has been designed with adaptability...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Steel Bollard 139mm Diameter
    Steel Bollard 139mm Diameter
    Bailey Streetscene
    Bailey Streetscene bollards are galvanised finish as standard and can be powder coated in a range of colours. Standard height above ground is 1000mm - standard root length is 500mm - 139mm diameter. Optional extras include -...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Paribus Seating
    Paribus Seating
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Paribus seat is a subtle combination of steel frame clad in either timber slats or steel grid design, suited to various public outdoor spaces. Its practicality and durability make it ideal for high footfall, heavy use...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Gala Stool
    Gala Stool
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Gala stool is a bold combination of timber and concrete designed to compliment the Gala seat and bench. Its contemporary yet durable design makes it a practical choice for most outdoor public spaces. The Gala Series also...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Versio Levis Litter Bin
    Versio Levis Litter Bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Versio Levis bin is a practical double sided steel litter bin manufactured from 10mm laser cut steel with a 50L capacity. Options: available with or without ashtray; removable inner bin made of stainless steel; DIN...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Rushton Litter Bin
    Rushton Litter Bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Rushton litter bin is manufactured from grade 304 solid stainless steel. It is scratch resistant and very durable and is mounted on a free standing base. The Rushton litter bin has a capacity of 150 litres complete with...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Quater Seat
    Quater Seat
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Quater seat consists of a sturdy, functional steel frame clad with either timber slats or steel grid design to create a practical seating solution ideal for any outdoor public space. The Quater seat is highly flexible...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Carter Bench
    Carter Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    Manufactured from standard grey precast concrete with our acid etch finish. All our concrete products are sealed prior to dispatch. Colours available: light Grey; buff; white; black. Finishes available: light Exposed...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Ayres Seat
    Ayres Seat
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Ayres is available in a number of materials including galvanised and painted mild steel with Iroko timber slats or High density polyethylene. Both seats come complete with contemporary back rest in either galvanise mild...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Garnock Litter Bin
    Garnock Litter Bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    Manufactured from 3mm thick stainless steel with integral ashtray. A 90 litre capacity galvanised steel liner and full length door hinge is included: front opening; logo’s or lettering can be incorporated for customisation;...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Sit Or Ride
    Sit Or Ride
    Bailey Streetscene
    Designed specifically for skate or bike parks, the sit or ride is an extremely durable seating solution. The edges of the Sit or Ride are designed to withstand grinding without sustaining damage. Available with pole back...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Westminster Bench
    Westminster Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    Manufactured from standard grey precast concrete with our acid etch finish. All our concrete products are sealed prior to dispatch. Also Available With Various Timber Tops Westminster Cube: Length: 600mm Depth: 600mm Height:...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Mensura Seat
    Mensura Seat
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Mensura seat is a sturdy, durable design consisting of a steel frame with either timber slats or steel grid faces. A rigid, durable seating solution with a long product life span, The Mensura seat is highly flexible with...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Wi-Fi Chair
    Wi-Fi Chair
    Bailey Streetscene
    With the advent of WI FI and our desire to be connected at all times the demand for dedicated WI Fi areas has risen dramatically. With this challenge in mind we have introduced the new innovative WI FI seat. The WI FI seat...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Prum Tree Seat
    Prum Tree Seat
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Prum tree seat combines a galvanised steel frame, concrete legs and timber slats. It is ideally suited to public parks and gardens although it can be used in various outdoor public spaces: hardwood or softwood timber...