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Bailey Streetscene

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  • Bailey Streetscene: Avon Bench
    Avon Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    This has everything you’d want from a reliable and classic street furniture bench: it’s versatile, durable, cost-effective and is manufactured from carefully selected treated hardwood and softwood timbers sourced entirely...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Corby Concrete Planter
    Corby Concrete Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    Available in a range of colours, the Corby Planter is manufactured from standard grey precast concrete with an acid etch finish. It’s an excellent space-filler for a number of outdoor areas. The aim of the planter is to add...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Versio Corpus Litter Bin
    Versio Corpus Litter Bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    From a range renowned for its practicality, the Versio Corpus Litter Bin is manufactured from 10mm laser cut steel and has a 50L capacity. With a removable inner bin made of stainless steel and a DIN triangular locking...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Gramenet Cast Iron Planter
    Gramenet Cast Iron Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    If you’re looking for an attractive free-standing planter, the Gramenet Planter is manufactured from ductile cast iron with a primed coat and grey forge top coat leaving a great looking wrought iron effect. An added...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Rushton Litter Bin
    Rushton Litter Bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    This is a smart, sophisticated, contemporary litter bin that also has some size to it too. The Rushton Litter Bin is surface mounted and has a capacity of 150 litres and comes complete with internal slots that will hold a...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Ormiston Recycled Plastic Litter Bin
    Ormiston Recycled Plastic Litter Bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    This is perfect for aggressive outdoor environments such as industrial or coastal areas, due to the Ormiston Litter Bin having a galvanised mild steel frame. Its exterior is recycled plastic cladding, although timber...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Mensura Seat
    Mensura Seat
    Bailey Streetscene
    Part of the sleek-yet-durable twelve-piece Modulsystem range, the Mensura Seat is a sturdy, attractive and durable design consisting of a steel frame with either timber slats or steel grid faces. It’s a highly flexible and...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Medway Bench
    Medway Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    If it’s simplicity and durability you are after from your street seating then the Medway Bench ticks all the boxes. A simple linear bench, manufactured from precast concrete with an acid etch finish ensuring that it’s a...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Timber Bollards
    Timber Bollards
    Bailey Streetscene
    Classically shaped and designed, these bollards are an essential outdoor street product. Manufactured from hot dip galvanised steel and clad in responsibly sourced hard or softwood timber, these aren’t only great for your...
  • Bailey Streetscene: 231 Bench
    231 Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    Manufactured from mild steel box section, hot dip galvanised and powder coated to a standard colour RAL 7016, other colours are available upon request. The steel frame carries treated iroko timber slats and is surface...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Springwell Planter Bench
    Springwell Planter Bench
    Bailey Streetscene
    Our Springwell Range has a well-deserved reputation for being hard wearing, low maintenance and excellent value for money – and this Planter Bench is a great all-rounder to enhance your outdoor space. Offering seating for up...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Deacon litter bin
    Deacon litter bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    Due to its look and also its toughness and durability, the Deacon litter bin really is an ideal solution for waste problems in areas close to nature, as well as schools and inner cities where timber and bright colours are...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Ealing Planter
    Ealing Planter
    Bailey Streetscene
    Named after the area in West London, this is a sleek and contemporary planter. The Ealing Planter is a durable timber planter ideal for a variety of external public spaces. Free standing, it features a timber outer shell...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Saarbrucken Seating
    Saarbrucken Seating
    Bailey Streetscene
    If you’re looking for a contemporary and ultra-stylish outdoor seating solution the Saarbrucken Seat is an excellent choice. It’s modern, flowing design stands out in any environment. Named after the German city, its sleek...
  • Bailey Streetscene: Ascot litter bin
    Ascot litter bin
    Bailey Streetscene
    The Ascot litter bin is a smart, practical litter solution. Manufactured from mild steel then hot dipped galvanised as standard and clad in hard wearing timbers for a sleek, stylish finish, this comes with a capacity of 135...