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  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline SL001 seat
    Shoreline SL001 seat
    Benchmark Design
    The SL001 Shoreline seat is an adaptation of Benchmark's Centerline CL001 seat. Using the same 316 stainless steel framework gives the seat a robust feel, yet softened with iroko timber slats. This seat is often specified...
  • Benchmark Design: Perch stainless steel seat
    Perch stainless steel seat
    Benchmark Design
    A simple yet effective perch. Manufactured in 316 stainless steel this is a robust yet contemporary perch seat is suitable for a number of locations. Available in a number of lengths, heights and widths.
  • Benchmark Design: BAR picnic set
    BAR picnic set
    Benchmark Design
    The BAR range includes picnic sets, benches and seats, manufactured in aluminium combined with iroko hardwood.
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter hardwood picnic table
    Exeter hardwood picnic table
    Benchmark Design
    The Exeter picnic table can be made to any size, shape or dimension. The standard slats are iroko hardwood, but alternatives (eg recycled plastic) are also available. The discreet legs can also be manufactured to...
  • Benchmark Design: Plaque and commemorative seating solutions
    Plaque and commemorative seating solutions
    Benchmark Design
    Many of the products Benchmark Furniture produces can be client-specific and finished in a number of different ways. One example has been for Bristol City Council where a plaque was added to a Centerline seat. Plaques can be...
  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline tree seat
    Shoreline tree seat
    Benchmark Design
    The Shoreline simple and robust timber tree seat has a steel frame and hardwood slats.
  • Benchmark Design: Centerline CL003 back-to-back seat
    Centerline CL003 back-to-back seat
    Benchmark Design
    The CL003 back-to-back seat is part of the Centerline range of contemporary street furniture. It is available in powder-coated galvanised steel or 316 grade stainless steel. The seat's design allows for a back-to-back...
  • Benchmark Design: Plaza modular street furniture
    Plaza modular street furniture
    Benchmark Design
    The Plaza range of modular street furniture fits any space. The modern granite acts as a pillar between the various 316 stainless steel modules, allowing clients to develop extended custom-fit furniture. They can also be...
  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline relocatable plinth-mounted picnic set
    Shoreline relocatable plinth-mounted picnic set
    Benchmark Design
    Shoreline is a communal oval picnic table with matching curved benches. The design allows for potential future relocations as it has a detachable mechanical fix between the tabletop and stainless steel profile, as well as a...
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter EX003 seat
    Exeter EX003 seat
    Benchmark Design
    The Exeter EX003 seat can be straight, angled or curved to any radius to meet dimension requirements. Standard slats are iroko hardwood, but alternatives (eg recycled plastic) are also available. Lgs can also be manufactured...
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter EX005L bench
    Exeter EX005L bench
    Benchmark Design
    The EX005L version of the Exeter bench uses the same method of construction as the EX005 but spins the timbers 90 degrees to make them longitudinal. Due to the way Benchmark manufactures street furniture, everything can be...
  • Benchmark Design: Baseline BL006 bench
    Baseline BL006 bench
    Benchmark Design
    The Baseline BL006 was designed to give a softer feel to a classic steel bench. With public realms and outdoor spaces becoming ever more important this bench needed to bring something different to the market. This is an...
  • Benchmark Design: Bespoke stainless steel picnic tables for green spaces
    Bespoke stainless steel picnic tables for green spaces
    Benchmark Design
    With the development of the West Lothian Council offices and surrounding busy green spaces, Benchmark was asked to design bespoke stainless steel picnic tables and benches. It was decided to use a perforated steel top to aid...
  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline Circular Picnic Table
    Shoreline Circular Picnic Table
    Benchmark Design
    A combination of 316 stainless steel and Iroko timber to create a contemporary and flexible picnic table. Custome sizes available.
  • Benchmark Design: Campus sun lounger
    Campus sun lounger
    Benchmark Design
    Campus sun loungers help users to lie back and enjoy soaking up some much-needed vitamin D. Designed to accommodate two people, these modern loungers offer something a bit different to the usual seat or bench. They can be...