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  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline relocatable plinth-mounted picnic set
    Shoreline relocatable plinth-mounted picnic set
    Benchmark Design
    Shoreline is a communal oval picnic table with matching curved benches. The design allows for potential future relocations as it has a detachable mechanical fix between the tabletop and stainless steel profile, as well as a...
  • Benchmark Design: Campus CP003 seat
    Campus CP003 seat
    Benchmark Design
    Benchmark Furniture's Campus CP003 seat has a very simple, ergonomic design. Easy to maintain and simple to install, it is an ideal choice for urban rooftop gardens, parks and open spaces. The CP003 can be made to any...
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter EX003 seat
    Exeter EX003 seat
    Benchmark Design
    The Exeter EX003 seat can be straight, angled or curved to any radius to meet dimension requirements. Standard slats are iroko hardwood, but alternatives (eg recycled plastic) are also available. Lgs can also be manufactured...
  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline Circular Picnic Table
    Shoreline Circular Picnic Table
    Benchmark Design
    A combination of 316 stainless steel and Iroko timber to create a contemporary and flexible picnic table. Custome sizes available.
  • Benchmark Design: Baseline BL026 picnic table
    Baseline BL026 picnic table
    Benchmark Design
    The Baseline BL026 stainless steel picnic table is a scaled-up design of the BL006 bench. This design can easily slot in with other products in the range to create a co-ordinated feel throughout. Options include custom...
  • Benchmark Design: Centerline CL050 open-top litter bin
    Centerline CL050 open-top litter bin
    Benchmark Design
    Centerline open-top litter bins have an 80 or 125 litre capacity with a galvanised steel liner that twist locks into position. Made from 316 stainless steel, powder coated galvanised steel or as a combination of both. Very...
  • Benchmark Design: Bespoke outdoor rucksack storage unit
    Bespoke outdoor rucksack storage unit
    Benchmark Design
    A prestigious International School approached Benchmark with a request to create something a little different to their usual ranges of street furniture - an outdoor storage solution for their pupils' rucksacks. After a...
  • Benchmark Design: Centerline CL008 curved steel bench
    Centerline CL008 curved steel bench
    Benchmark Design
    The Centerline CL008 bench offers the same design impact as the CL007 but has a width of 450mm. It can be manufactured to any radius and straight sections can be incorporated into the design to add flexibility.
  • Benchmark Design: Campus sun lounger
    Campus sun lounger
    Benchmark Design
    Campus sun loungers help users to lie back and enjoy soaking up some much-needed vitamin D. Designed to accommodate two people, these modern loungers offer something a bit different to the usual seat or bench. They can be...
  • Benchmark Design: Centerline CL003 back-to-back seat
    Centerline CL003 back-to-back seat
    Benchmark Design
    The CL003 back-to-back seat is part of the Centerline range of contemporary street furniture. It is available in powder-coated galvanised steel or 316 grade stainless steel. The seat's design allows for a back-to-back...
  • Benchmark Design: Shoreline SL054 dome-top circular litter bins
    Shoreline SL054 dome-top circular litter bins
    Benchmark Design
    The Shoreline SL054 dome-top litter bin has a robust 316 stainless steel framework to which profiled timber slats are joined. It has a capacity of 120 litres. The bin incorporates a a side opening lockable door with a...
  • Benchmark Design: Perch stainless steel seat
    Perch stainless steel seat
    Benchmark Design
    Manufactured in 316 stainless steel this robust, contemporary perch seat is a simple yet effective solution that is suitable for a number of locations. Available in a number of lengths, heights and widths
  • Benchmark Design: Baseline BL052 litter bin
    Baseline BL052 litter bin
    Benchmark Design
    The Baseline BL052 litter bin is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and has a 80L capacity with a removable galvanised liner. This waste bin is perfect for any high street or public space and co-ordinates well with all...
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter EX005 bench
    Exeter EX005 bench
    Benchmark Design
    The Exeter EX005 bench can be straight, angled or curved to any radius to meet clients' dimension requirements. The standard slats are iroko hardwood, but alternatives (eg recycled plastic) are also available. The discreet...
  • Benchmark Design: Exeter EX007 seating
    Exeter EX007 seating
    Benchmark Design
    Exeter EX007 seating can be curved to a bespoke radius and manufactured to any length. Backrests can be added anywhere on the bench and also made to any length. Stainless steel armrests can also be added, and positioned at...