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Sculpture and sculptural seating created by Cornish sculptor, Ben Barrell.

Ben cares passioantely about the world we live in, and believes wholeheartedly that our lives are  made better when we can have contact with nature.

His medium is sculpture, and in his work, he strives to capture some of the power of the forces at work in the natural world. As a sailor and surfer, he knows more than most just how important it is to respect the dynamic energy in the wind and the waves, and the fluid lines of his work flow from that same energy.

Whether sculptural seating, like the polished concrete Pebble Seats, or monumental sculpture like Dubai Wings, Ben's intention is that his work might provide a bridge back to nature - especially when encountered in an urban environment.

Ben works in many materials but his favourites, concrete and bronze, share the qualities of moving from fluid to solid form. This allows his vision for a piece to stay true to the original sketches and clay models that are the first iterations of new work.

Services Design
Project management
Materials Bronze
Mild steel
Brick / concrete / plaster
GRP / plastic / resin

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  • Barrell Sculpture: Dubai Wings sculpture welcomes visitors to hotel
    Dubai Wings sculpture welcomes visitors to hotel
    Barrell Sculpture
    Project, 23 November 2018
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