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  • Tobermore: Tactile Cycleway paving flags
    Tactile Cycleway paving flags
    Tactile paving flags are used to assist the blind and partially sighted people where pedestrian ways intersect cycleways. Tactile flags are available in three colour finishes to enable the partially blind to distinguish...
  • Tobermore: AirClean® City Pave VS5 concrete paving
    AirClean® City Pave VS5 concrete paving
    Heavy-duty concrete block paving for modern cities: can improve air quality by reducing NO2; shift protection on five sides of the block provides maximum stability; vibrant, granite appearance; manufactured with sparkling...
  • Tobermore: Kensington marble-effect paving flags
    Kensington marble-effect paving flags
    Elegant concrete paving flags with a beautiful marbled appearance. If you’re looking for concrete paving flags with a stunning, sophisticated look, our Kensington Flags are an excellent choice. Crafted with a marbled...
  • Tobermore: City Pave VS5 concrete block paving
    City Pave VS5 concrete block paving
    Ultimate stability with contemporary style City Pave VS5 is the ultimate in pavement stability and is ideal for expansive schemes with heavy trafficking or pedestrian use. The City Pave VS5 block incorporates shift...
  • Tobermore: Toberloc concrete block paving
    Toberloc concrete block paving
    Toberloc is a heavy duty paving with an ‘L’ shaped format that ensures that each block is always anchored, giving maximum resistance to rutting and lateral forces and avoiding creep. Trials have shown that Toberloc provides...
  • Tobermore: Braemar Flags
    Braemar Flags
    Braemar is a premium paving product manufactured with natural aggregates that emulate the distinct aesthetics of natural stone. As a genuine concrete alternative, Braemar meets both the aesthetic and quality expectations of...
  • Tobermore: Mammut concrete block paving
    Mammut concrete block paving
    Mammut concrete block paving has an interlocking format that ensures that each block is always anchored, giving maximum resistance to rutting and lateral forces, and therefore avoiding creep. The system provides cost savings...
  • Tobermore: Textured Flags
    Textured Flags
    Textured flags are a premium products in Tobermore's large element paving range. Their granular surface and mellow colours create a natural and timeworn appearance. Areas of textured flags can be interspersed with other...
  • Tobermore: AirClean® Mayfair flag paving
    AirClean® Mayfair flag paving
    AirClean® Mayfair flag paving has a vibrant granite appearance: can improve air quality by reducing NO2; manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates; superb hard-wearing granite surface; vibrant long-lasting...
  • Tobermore: Shannon concrete block paving
    Shannon concrete block paving
    Shannon has concrete block paving been designed to provide maximum performance in areas where smoothness and low maintenance are priorities. Its smooth hard-wearing surface makes it particularly suitable for shopping...
  • Tobermore: Chieftain VS5 concrete block paving
    Chieftain VS5 concrete block paving
    Chieftain VS5 is a large-format paving system that is suitable for pedestrianised areas such as retail locations or city centres. It is a highly durable modern paver that can replicate the look and feel of plazas in European...
  • Tobermore: Sienna concrete block paving
    Sienna concrete block paving
    Sienna concrete block paving has a textured surface which exposes the sparkling granite aggregates to provide a distinctive appearance similar to natural granite. Sienna provides the aesthetic qualities which can match the...
  • Tobermore: Arto concrete block paving
    Arto concrete block paving
    Artro concrete block paving can adapt its look depending on the colour, laying pattern or jointing material used. Inspired by traditional European clay pavers, Artro brings the concept right up to date, providing...
  • Tobermore: Retro concrete block paving
    Retro concrete block paving
    Retro concrete block paving has a warm, tumbled aged appearance that recreates the cobbled look that was popular in many European towns and villages in years gone by. This product is produced in two blended colours, Heather...
  • Tobermore: Anglesey Flag paving slabs
    Anglesey Flag paving slabs
    Anglesey Flag hard-wearing paving slabs are a cost-effective alternative to natural stone so you can achieve the finish you want within budget. The versatile product is manufactured in a 450x450x50mm size and two colour...