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  • Tobermore: Chieftain VS5 concrete block paving
    Chieftain VS5 concrete block paving
    Chieftain VS5 is a large-format paving system that is suitable for pedestrianised areas such as retail locations or city centres. It is a highly durable modern paver that can replicate the look and feel of plazas in European...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Sienna Duo permeable paving
    Hydropave Sienna Duo permeable paving
    Hydropave Sienna permeable paving emulates traditional natural granite. The coarse surface texture exposes the sparkling black and white granite aggregates to provide a distinctive silver appearance similar to natural...
  • Tobermore: Historic Flags and Circle
    Historic Flags and Circle
    Tobermore's Historic Flag range provides the look and feel of traditional natural stone with similar hard wearing characteristics. The fettled edges and riven face add to the warmth and charm of these flags and make them...
  • Tobermore: Manhattan concrete block paving
    Manhattan concrete block paving
    Manhattan is a contemporary linear plank paving system that provides versatile commercial design possibilities. This block paver is suitable for pedestrianised areas and has the ability to recreate landscape styles with the...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Fusion permeable paving
    Hydropave Fusion permeable paving
    Modern, durable and eye-catching, Hydropave Fusion is a popular permeable block paving product for commercial developments, residential developments, public realm schemes, trafficked and pedestrianised areas. Available in an...
  • Tobermore: Secura Grand retaining walls
    Secura Grand retaining walls
    Tobermore’s Secura range of retaining walling products provides architects, engineers, contractors and house builders with a cost-effective solution for all types and sizes of retaining wall projects. Secura Grand is...
  • Tobermore: Retro concrete block paving
    Retro concrete block paving
    Retro concrete block paving has a warm, tumbled aged appearance that recreates the cobbled look that was popular in many European towns and villages in years gone by. This product is produced in two blended colours, Heather...
  • Tobermore: AirClean® Mayfair Flags
    AirClean® Mayfair Flags
    Vibrant granite appearance - Can improve air quality by reducing NO2 - Manufactured with sparkling natural granite aggregates - Superb hard-wearing granite surface - Vibrant long-lasting colours - Significantly reduced...
  • Tobermore: Radii Kerbs
    Radii Kerbs
    Functional radius kerbs used to create curves and arcs Radii Kerbs are perfect for areas where a curved kerb edging product is required. Whilst it is possible to create bends with straight kerbs, it is much less troublesome...
  • Tobermore: Granite Step Unit
    Granite Step Unit
    Stunning concrete paving steps with a sparkling granite surface. Modern, durable and striking, Granite Step Unit is a popular paving step product for commercial developments, residential developments, public realm schemes...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Shannon permeable paving
    Hydropave Shannon permeable paving
    The smooth surface on Hydropave Shannon Duo permeable block paving makes it ideal for shopping centres, schools, superstores, public paths and street schemes. It is designed specifically to provide a random bond finish. Both...
  • Tobermore: Mammut concrete block paving
    Mammut concrete block paving
    Mammut concrete block paving has an interlocking format that ensures that each block is always anchored, giving maximum resistance to rutting and lateral forces, and therefore avoiding creep. The system provides cost savings...
  • Tobermore: Step risers
    Step risers
    Step Risers enables a distinctive and contrasting edge a step / ramp to be created for exterior doorways. A wide variety of products can then be used behind the Step Riser to infill the tread including Tegula Setts, Mayfair...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave 240 permeable paving
    Hydropave 240 permeable paving
    Hydropave 240 is a permeable concrete block paving. Its larger block size of 240 x 120 x 80mm increases the speed of installation. The Machine Lay version is Hydropave 240 ML and it is designed specifically for machine lay...
  • Tobermore: Country Kerb & Edge
    Country Kerb & Edge
    Country Kerb is a heavy duty commercial kerbing system and is manufactured in a 250x125x915mm size and an exclusive new 255x145x915mm size due to customer demand. This product is designed with strength and endurance in mind...