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  • Tobermore: Pedesta concrete block paving
    Pedesta concrete block paving
    Tobermore’s Pedesta, made with a special hard-wearing surface layer and deep vibrant colours, is an aesthetic and highly versatile paving product, which provides the designer with a cost-effective solution. Enhancing any...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Textured Flags
    Hydropave Textured Flags
    Hydropave Textured Flags function as a SuDS paving system, this popular permeable paving product has a hard-wearing, granular surface and is available in two stylish stone-coloured shades to create a truly natural feel:...
  • Tobermore: Kensington marble-effect paving flags
    Kensington marble-effect paving flags
    Elegant concrete paving flags with a beautiful marbled appearance. If you’re looking for concrete paving flags with a stunning, sophisticated look, our Kensington Flags are an excellent choice. Crafted with a marbled...
  • Tobermore: Kerbsett decorative concrete edging kerbs
    Kerbsett decorative concrete edging kerbs
    Kerbsett is a versatile decorative edging system that has been developed to meet the demands of local authorities, engineers and architects for a simple and flexible alternative to traditional concrete kerbs. It is easily...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Mayfair Flags
    Hydropave Mayfair Flags
    Designed for busy pedestrianised areas, Hydropave Mayfair Flags are a stylish SuDS paving product with a superb hard-wearing surface and a strong, modern design that works well in commercial and residential settings:...
  • Tobermore: Tactile Blister paving flags
    Tactile Blister paving flags
    Tactile paving flags are used to assist the blind and partially sighted people at pedestrian crossings. There are two types of crossing zones, controlled and uncontrolled. Controlled crossing zones include zebra crossings,...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Sienna permeable paving
    Hydropave Sienna permeable paving
    Hydropave Sienna permeable paving emulates traditional natural granite. The coarse surface texture exposes the sparkling black and white granite aggregates to provide a distinctive silver appearance similar to natural...
  • Tobermore: Tegula setts and circles concrete block paving
    Tegula setts and circles concrete block paving
    Tegula setts have a tumbled, aged appearance and are the ideal product for bordering any of Tobermore's paving products. They blend perfectly with rumbled products such as Tegula and Retro but also provide the essential...
  • Tobermore: Granite Step Unit
    Granite Step Unit
    Stunning concrete paving steps with a sparkling granite surface. Modern, durable and striking, Granite Step Unit is a popular paving step product for commercial developments, residential developments, public realm schemes...
  • Tobermore: Hydropave Standard Flags
    Hydropave Standard Flags
    Ideal for busy pedestrianised areas, Hydropave Standard Flags are a non-slip, granular permeable block paving product that functions as a SuDS paving system: non-slip finish; superb hard-wearing surface; vibrant long-lasting...
  • Tobermore: Kerb Large (KL)
    Kerb Large (KL)
    Large kerbs that offer a smooth finish and a variety of laying options Kerb Large is a versatile alternative to traditional large kerbs as we manufacture the product with a dual purpose profile that offers a variety of...
  • Tobermore: Retro concrete block paving
    Retro concrete block paving
    Retro concrete block paving has a warm, tumbled aged appearance that recreates the cobbled look that was popular in many European towns and villages in years gone by. This product is produced in two blended colours, Heather...
  • Tobermore: Mammut concrete block paving
    Mammut concrete block paving
    Mammut concrete block paving has an interlocking format that ensures that each block is always anchored, giving maximum resistance to rutting and lateral forces, and therefore avoiding creep. The system provides cost savings...
  • Tobermore: Mayfair paving with stain-resistant EasyClean technology
    Mayfair paving with stain-resistant EasyClean technology
    Tobermore’s EasyClean stain-resistant paving technology takes the work out of caring for paving. Paving treated with EasyClean resists many of the materials which can cause staining on patios and pathways around the home, so...
  • Tobermore: Secura Major retaining walls
    Secura Major retaining walls
    Secura Major is an attractive choice for large applications that require retaining wall blocks. Tobermore’s Secura range of retaining walling products provide architects, engineers, contractors and house builders with a...